• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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LinkLegal launches in Nigeria, set to provide investment support services

LinkLegal launches in Nigeria, set to provide investment support services

LinkLegal Consulting (LC), a general legal practice, providing investment support services among others, to foreign and domestic investors in Nigeria has been launched.

With focus on three areas: investment support, advisory and Peace and Security, LC recognises the urgent need for dedicated investment anchorage services in Nigeria, today.

Speaking during the launch of the company at Eko Hotels, Lagos, Ademola Abass, founder and CEO, LinkLegal Consulting and former special adviser to the governor of Lagos State on Overseas Affairs and Investment (Lagos Global) said the idea of setting up LC is to assist investors in Nigeria who have lots of needs.

Some of these needs Abass mentioned include identifying legal partners, talking to the right people in government who can liaise between investors coming into Nigeria and their Nigerian counterparts, what to expect from the government and getting the right documentations, amongst several other needs.

He assured that LinkLegal will assist investors obtain necessary documentations and provide lot of services to ensure foreign investors in Nigeria go through a very seamless process when they are trying to invest in the country.

“An investor comes to Link Legal, they want information on what is available in the country and you will be surprise to know that a lot of investors don’t actually know which areas to invest in Nigeria. We provide them with laws and policies and how it applies to investors in Nigeria and the processes of investing in Nigeria.

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“We will assist them when they want to obtain permit. Some of them who have established in Nigeria often need to expand their businesses, or they are been disturbed one way or the other in their business premises, we have an after-care service which supports already established investors in terms of helping them obtain a land or leading them in the right direction on who to contact when they want to renew payment. It is a wide-range of services we will be providing,” he said.

Abass explained that with the experience he gathered working with the Lagos State government as the special adviser on Overseas affairs and investment, he will provide services that will ease investment processes to clients. 

On what informed the name ‘LinkLegal’ he said, he recognises the link between investment and security and the name only depicts that law could be linked to a lot of things.

“It is a new business and we have to learn a lot of things and we will face a lot of challenges companies face in Nigeria but I am sure there will also be a lot of things to smile about,” he added.