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Meet Wrexham AFC who just beat Man Utd

Wrexham FC

The underdog’s triumph: Wrexham’s unprecedented rise
In the world of football, tales of underdogs rising to the occasion and achieving greatness have always captured the hearts of fans. Wrexham Association Football Club, a modest team in the National League, the fifth tier of the English football pyramid, has become the embodiment of this narrative, thanks to the ownership of Hollywood celebrities Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. Ever since their takeover in November 2020, Wrexham has undergone a remarkable transformation, culminating in their first promotion in years and a friendly match against the iconic Manchester United during their US tour.

The dawn of a new era: Reynolds and McElhinney’s vision

Before the arrival of Reynolds and McElhenney, Wrexham was a club with a rich history but relatively unknown outside its immediate vicinity. The club had experienced some success, particularly in the Welsh Cup, but it lacked the global appeal that its new owners aimed to establish. The celebrity duo saw potential in Wrexham’s heritage, community spirit, and the remarkable story that accompanied it. When they presented their bid to take over the club, it received overwhelming support from the Wrexham Supporters Trust, the club’s previous owner.

Promises made, promises kept: A transformed club.

In their pitch to the fans, Reynolds and McElhenney made three promises: to bring the club back to winning ways, to reinforce the values and traditions of the Wrexham community, and to turn Wrexham into a global force in football. They wasted no time making a substantial investment of £2 million, which included the establishment of a new gym and planning for a state-of-the-art training centre. Both Reynolds and McElhenney became actively involved, attending multiple games and immersing themselves in the Wrexham culture.

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The unstoppable ascent: Wrexham’s journey to promotion

The immediate impact of the new ownership was evident on the field, as Wrexham improved significantly from their disappointing 2019-20 season and finished eighth in the league. However, the following season, the 2021-22 campaign, genuinely showcased Wrexham’s rise to prominence. The team went on a stunning 12-match unbeaten streak, bolstered by the signing of quality players like Paul Mullin, the top scorer from Cambridge United.

Despite their valiant efforts, Wrexham narrowly missed out on promotion that season, but the disappointment only fueled their determination. The 2022-23 season saw them play at an extraordinary level, setting a record with 110 points in 45 games and scoring an impressive 114 goals. Led by the prolific goal-scoring of Paul Mullin, with support from Ollie Palmer and Jordan Davies, Wrexham secured promotion to the Football League.

A global force in the making: Wrexham’s inspirational journey

Reynolds and McElhenney’s vision to make Wrexham a global force in football seems well on its way to becoming a reality. The club’s remarkable journey, backed by passionate ownership and an incredible community, has won the hearts of fans and media alike. Wrexham’s story is a reminder that in football, anything is possible with dedication, ambition, and the unwavering support of passionate fans.

A bright future ahead: Wrexham’s unparalleled growth

As Wrexham continues to grow in stature and ambition, the future looks bright for this once unheralded club. Their fairytale journey from the depths of the lower leagues to a competitive match against a football giant like Manchester United serves as an inspiration to other aspiring clubs dreaming of achieving greatness. Wrexham won a youthful United side by 3-1.

With their newfound global appeal, Wrexham AFC has proven that the beautiful game can transcend borders and unite people from all walks of life under the banner of football.