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Why Mayor of Housing is launching weekly PH business briefing series

Why Mayor of Housing is launching weekly PH business briefing series

His name is My-ACE China but his brand name is Mayor of Housing. This is because of his enormous contributions to the housing sub-sector especially in creating the concept of social funding.

He is has established a reputation as a real estate strategist. He is also a business strategist who provides innovation and solution in real estate through collaboration that reduces the cost of housing and increase benefits.

He says he does not sell houses or property but value; where the value equation is benefit over cost. He teaches that the more benefit increases the more value increases and cost decreases. So, whatever reduces cost and increases value is what he sells. Right now, he is selling the Alesa Highland Estate of over 1,600 plots.

So, why has he launched a programme called the Port Harcourt Weekly Business Briefing? He told newsmen on Monday when he began the inaugural edition thus: “I am doing this because being in business, I see a lot of people complain. When you tell them to buy property, they tell you inflation is very high, no fuel, Nigeria is bad.

”Nigerians complain a lot. If you read the history of the world, you see that the worst consequences come by complaining. Israel’s 40 days journey was extended to 40years due to complaining. It has never saved any economy.

“So, instead of joining to complain, I decided to do this every week to give knowledge which is the oldest money. I want to motivate and inspire people to take action.

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“I am not a motivational speaker, I am a motivator. A motivational speaker motivates you with words; motivators motivate you with their results. Everything I am going to share in the weekly briefings will be what I do.

“We have increased our sales cost because inflation is high but I have increased my activities. The more you increase your activities the more you help the economy.

“I have over 21 years of business experience and I have learned through the ropes and grown organically to become one of Africa’s fastest rising brands in the real estate.

“What I want to do is to contribute my quota to the knowledge pool of the Nigerian economy. I believe in Nigeria.

“If you look at the history of Nigeria, you will see that Nigeria was most prosperous during its most productive and collaborative years. Agric wealth in the 1960s and 1970s was built on cooperatives. Groundnut pyramids were built not on cranes but on the back of cooperatives. Cooperative banks were bigger than commercial banks then. Collaboration creates what we call exponential value: that is when two people of equal value come together, they create a value greater than the summation of the value of two. The tallest house in 1962 in Nigeria was the Cocoa House in Ibadan. It was built on the back of Cocoa Cooperatives.

“So, the first thing we need to go back to is production. The second is collaboration which is the new competition. If not, we are not competing. I want to see a resurgence of a productive Nigeria and that is Nigeria built on the back of cooperatives and collaboration. That is why I am talking.