• Friday, December 01, 2023
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We plan to take small Nigerian businesses overseas — AN Global Consulting

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“We plan to take small Nigerian businesses overseas,” were the words of Avinash Nichkawde, AN Global Consulting Chief Executive Officer and founder, at the company’s official media brand parley in Nigeria.

The media parley, which had members of its Nigerian executive team, founder, traditional rulers in Lagos State, BusinessDay, and other media organisations present, took place on Saturday at the Marriot Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.

Taking small Nigerian businesses outside the shores of the country is just one of the numerous objectives, Nichkawde said during his presentation.

“We are looking to help small businesses grow their business portfolio and see taking them overseas as a positive way to help grow these businesses,” he added.

The founder used the opportunity of the presentation to present all the value addition the company, which is already successful in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Mexico, and a few other countries, has helped them become a global brand.

Nichkawde admitted that he understands what most small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria are facing, which is why he and the Nigerian team are willing to work hard to understand the business terrain better and see how they can add value to their businesses.

“AN Global plans to help local businesses unlock their potential,” he said.

Nichkawde and Nwali Tochukwu, the CEO of the Nigerian office, said that the company has seven value propositions that they believe will be beneficial to SMEs and potential investors in Nigeria. The seven value propositions they mentioned were in the areas of business brokerage, franchise sales and development, international business consulting, technology, education, business migration, and trade and investment.

presentation of AV Global in lagos

Nichkawde agreed that despite the high rate of business failures due to regulatory bottlenecks and foreign exchange challenges, the huge potential of SMEs in the country was a motivation for AN Global’s desire to partner with them to see how they can expand their businesses beyond the frontiers of Nigeria.

The global CEO explained that aside from taking these local companies abroad, they would most definitely like to be able to bring companies from the nine other countries where they have a legal presence into Nigeria.

“The good companies in Nigeria, we want to take them abroad and bring the successful businesses in the USA down to Nigeria,” he said.

However, bringing its years of expertise in helping budding companies excel is what Tochukwu said Nigerian businesses stand to gain in the long run.

Nichkawde, however, made it clear that the company isn’t in the country for the “big” companies and startups, especially as the startups take too much time, but for the serious-minded SMEs who are willing to grow and add value to the country.