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Vote for candidate you want your children to be like, cleric tells congregation

Vote for candidate you want your children to be like, cleric tells congregation

Weeks before the 2023 general election, Samuel Olumakin Alawode, a cleric, caused mild drama in church as he cautioned members of his congregation to allow integrity and antecedent to be the guiding principles in choosing their leaders in next month’s presidential elections.

He told his church members, “those of you that want to vote, that man that you want to vote for, may your children have his character, may your grandchildren have his destiny.

“May they (their children) act like him, behave like him.

Go and think if you don’t want a leader that your children will behave like why do you want to vote for him.”

When no one responded with a loud amen, the cleric then asked, “if you don’t want a leader that would be the picture of your children, why do you want to go and cast your vote for such a person?

“Whoever you vote for, may their destiny, good or bad, come upon your children”.

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Alawode noted that the present calibre of leaders in Nigeria was a reflection of Nigerians who elected them, advising that Nigerians should vote for leaders whose character they will want their children and grandchildren to mirror after.

According to the cleric, “We have to make a decision in a few weeks, I have discovered that it is the society that reproduces the leaders. When we shout about the leaders we are the one that produces them.

“We are the ones that put people that we want there and they represent who we are.

Speaking further, he advised Nigerians not to vote for any candidate that cannot reflect the future they desire for Nigeria in the general election.

“I said this because I want to take this election seriously. Don’t cast votes on anybody whose heart cannot tell you is a picture of our future, if you do it you are putting a curse on your children,” Alawode added.

According to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the presidential and National Assembly election is slated for February 25, while the governorship and state Assembly election is fixed for March 11.