• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Visa partner Trace Academia to build thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem

Visa opens global challenge application for Nigeria’s fintech startups

Visa’s partnership with Trace Academia, a mobile-based learning application that aims to enable 26 million youth, across Africa, is the latest development in their Practical Business Skills’ (PBS) initiative, which offers potential partners integration and co-branded opportunities to contribute to business transformation and empowerment.

The partnership offers a free online learning platform that is equipped with extensive educational courses. The application which is available on Android and iOS is accessible and inclusive, boasting multilingual learning across a myriad of industries.

The newly formed partnership is an extension of Visa’s purpose to enable entrepreneurs with the resources they need to thrive and will fuse entertainment and education to deliver an engaging learning experience.

Visa’s Practical Business Skills has been reimagined into an interactive course on the Trace Academia platform covering different skills including business planning, marketing, and securing funding.

“Our partnership with Trace Academia allows us to extend our impact in levelling the playing fields of commerce for youth who is one of the key drivers of entrepreneurship on the continent,” said Aida Diarra, senior vice president & head of Visa in Sub-Saharan Africa in a statement.

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The PBS plays a key role in supporting the job and economic development efforts of Visa’s clients and partners, such as Trace Academia. With small micro-businesses accounting for more than a 90percent of global businesses and as the source of 50 to 60percent of global employment, PBS offers digital educational resources and tools to help small and micro businesses thrive through complex challenges.

“Utilizing Visa’s extensive expertise in financial education, we provide knowledge on what it takes to start a business, financing and cash flows, business management, marketing, and ultimately, how to drive businesses into a profitable enterprise. We believe every stage of a business is important, from the development stage to maturity, and therefore, equip entrepreneurs with resources that help them confidently make an informed business decision, throughout the business lifecycle,” Diarra said.

The initiative is also helping to empower communities to develop by building co-branded Practical Business Skills sites with clients and partners is a way for Visa to further expand awareness and access to the business skills education resources available for SMBs.

It has become a key enabler for stakeholders such as governments and fintech within the landscape of payment solutions, to accelerate and expand their social impact and business strategies with SMBs.

“Beyond business development, Visa’s PBS drives inclusive and sustainable growth for everyone. We believe that through our platform, we can also improve livelihoods and positively impact communities,” Diarra noted.

“This commitment falls under Visa’s global dedication to digitally-enabled 50 million SMBs worldwide, to help local communities get back to business, and drive SMBs to greater resiliency and growth.

“Practical Business Skills builds on the success of our flagship financial education initiative, Practical Money Skills, used by more than 40 million people worldwide. It provides content suitable for a wide variety of SMBs in any location and can be accessed through a series of 50 videos, on a variety of key topics, such as managing, organizing, digitizing, protecting, and growing a business.”

Also, it is reaching success through an ecosystem of partnerships. Visa has worked with other key partners to adapt Practical Business Skills to stakeholder needs and implement co-branding strategies. An African mobile network operator delivering financial education to SMBs using mobile money; a leading Singapore Fintech integrating PBS into its SMB-facing blog and YouTube channel; and a cross-border trade association helping corporations connect with SMBs are amongst some of its diverse partners.