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Untangling the vagaries of the future

Untangling the vagaries of the future

If you think planning is one of life’s overwhelming and burdensome tasks, then this is must-read. At one point in our lives, we must have thought, “Why cannot we live life as it comes, no matter the stormy waves life throws us? Can’t we glide through without indulging in the rigour of complex preparation?

It is customary for the mystery of the unexplored future to provoke a silent panic, spurring elaborate planning for what lies ahead, finding comfort in outlining paths and processes that seek to predict the unknowns. All these are done with the hope that with proper planning, we can untangle the vagaries of the future.

We use tools like vision boards and planners, hoping they will guide us to actualising these goals. Yet, despite our efforts, the future doesn’t always follow our meticulously crafted plans. Occasionally, life throws curveballs, and our colour-coded schedules and dreams on paper lose fidelity in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

So, if planning for the future is not a foolproof approach to a future of zero pitfalls, why do we persist in preparing for it despite its unpredictability? Why do we invest so much time crafting our hopes and dreams, only to see them shattered by unforeseen events? If planning is entirely without merit, like wearing a raincoat in the desert, providing a false sense of protection when we know it won’t shield us from a sandstorm, then why bother trying.

If you believe life can be lived to its fullest without planning and you have reasons to show for it, we are glad to say this ideology resonates, and we would like to offer you four reasons why planning for the future may be overrated.

The invincibility of the human race

Why would you plan for the future, especially when we have our unwavering belief in human invincibility? The motto is simple: “God will provide and protect; God no go shame us.” With that mantra, we must be invincible because life’s challenges will bounce off us like raindrops on a windshield. We don’t worry about planning when we have the power of self-belief and resilience.

With these superpowers, we are better primed to face life’s uncertainties head-on, without worry, as planning is for those who lack the superhuman abilities to overcome any obstacle.

Families are ever dependable

Who needs to worry about planning when you have this rock-solid backing of your family who will always be there to support you? You know that should life throw you the proverbial lemons, your entire family would discard their growing needs and challenges to make you lemonades.

These superhumans would guide you in a land of eternal security, clamouring that you should sit back, relax, and let your family do all the heavy lifting when the time comes.

The family-centric approach is just amazing. Why bother about financial planning when you have family members? Forget about setting aside funds for your goals. Your loved ones will gladly handle everything when the need arises. They’ve got it all figured out! They’ll take care of you during your post-productive years; after all, is that not what families are for?

Indeed, you have guided and supported them throughout their lives, and there is always that payback time! It’s an unspoken contract.

You are forever young

This is where we quote the lines to one of our favourite songs of all time – ‘Forever young’:

Let’s dance in style, let’s dance for a while
Heaven can wait, we’re only watching the skies

These words are not just lyrics of a song but your undeniable reality as life goes by. No need to plan for the future or even think about the golden days when
you are no longer filled with productive strength as you used to be because we will all be frolicking as sprightly 20-year-olds forever! Who needs savings or financial security when you’ve got the promise of everlasting youth?

Just imagine it – no grey hairs, wrinkles, or aching joints. We’ll be running marathons and partying like there’s no tomorrow until, well, forever! Retirement plan? Not a chance. Live in the moment because ageing is a thing of the past now, as we will all be too busy surfing the waves of eternal youth and not care for what the future holds.

Your talent is never diminishing

Some may argue that saving for rainy days, whatever that means, is essential to avoid financial hardships in old age, but what do they know, they probably don’t have a never-diminishing talent that last generations. They’re likely too dull and bugged by the uncertainty of not having a stable income later in life. Why worry about paying bills and maintaining a decent standard of living when you can live in the moment and live lavishly without a care in the world? Who cares about the future when your talent can sustain your lifestyle forever?

As we ponder the unpredictable path ahead, it becomes crystal clear that while a lucky few might possess some superpowers to sidestep the planning endeavour, most of us must face the reality of having a proper plan for an uncertain future. A solid financial strategy becomes even more significant if you’re in a group that doesn’t have those extraordinary possibilities. This is where Leadway One comes in.

Leadway One offers a one-stop-shop for non-banking financial services, such as risk management, wealth transfer, asset management, pensions, health and life insurance.

For instance, if you want to save sustainably for your future comfort, we believe the Leadway Pensure PFA retirement savings plan fits your needs succinctly. They are a trustworthy partner with a record built on a solid reputation of reliability and impressive returns on your funds.

Leadway Assurance also has robust insurance products that help you plan and save for the future, sweetened with life insurance that guarantees that your loved ones get the benefits of all you have worked for should life throw up deadly surprises. Leadway Asset Management and Trust helps you pull your assets into a manageable portfolio that can easily be transferred to your beneficiaries in the future.

With the Leadway Health Management services, you have a partner buoyed by advanced artificial intelligence-backed telemedicine that ensures you do not have much to worry about how tomorrow plays its cards.

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