• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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UK QAA appoints NUC EVS into advisory committee

UK QAA appoints NUC EVS into advisory committee

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of the United Kingdom has appointed Chris Maiyaki, the Acting Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), into its International Advisory Committee (IAC).

In a statement by the NUC, the appointment was conveyed in a letter signed by Eduardo Ramos, Director of International and Professional Services of the QAA for Higher Education in the UK.

The appointment is in recognition of his wealth of experience at the NUC as well as achievements recorded since his assumption of office as Acting Executive Secretary, including the approval of guidelines on Transnational Education (TNE) in Nigeria and Quality Assurance, in line with the Core Curriculum and Minimum Academic Standard (CCMAS).

Maiyaki’s appointment comes on the heels of NUC’s licensing of two new private Universities and facilitation of the establishment of the first four Private Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Universities in Nigeria, aimed at resolving the challenges of equity and access to university education in the country.

The IAC is an Eminent Persons Group of experts, which was constituted by QAA to guide its international activities, provide strategic advice on partnership, membership, TNE, accreditation, consultancy activity and more

The committee follows a strategy that emphasises international focus as one of the four areas of its functions.

The Director in his letter said that “international activities” form a crucial part of the agency’s efforts. And, it was to provide implementation guidance that the IAC was formed.

Maiyaki expressed gratitude to the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of the UK, saying that he was excited by the opportunity given him to contribute in promoting the partnerships and collaborations that would certainly enhance the higher education landscape of the United Kingdom, Africa and, indeed, the world at large.

According to him, the NUC, which is “the flagship that regulates university education in Nigeria”, recognises the critical role that quality assurance plays in ensuring excellence and continuous improvement within the higher education ecosystem.

“The commitment of the QAA in safeguarding standards and improving the quality of higher education in the United Kingdom is not only legendary, it also resonates with the mandate of the NUC,” he said.

Maiyaki expressed confidence that the combined wealth of experience, expertise and insights of the Committee members would contribute to the fulfilment of the international agenda of the QAA on higher education.