• Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Udoma calls for enabling environment for job creation

Udoma calls for enabling environment for job creation

Udoma Udo Udoma, Nigeria’s former minister of budget and national planning, has called for the creation of an enabling environment as a deliberate policy to enable the private to thrive.

Udoma, a former senator who represented Akwa Ibom South, said both the federal and state governments should be at the forefront in the creation of an enabling environment to boost job creation and poverty reduction.

The former minister spoke as chairman at the launch of Akwa Ibom Dialogue and the Arise Agenda, an economic blueprint of the Akwa Ibom government in Uyo on Monday. He said the government must set up measurable goals that would facilitate would endure transformative agenda.

“Government must provide the enabling environment for the private sector to thrive. The creation of such an environment must be the agenda of the government, it is possible to make Akwa Ibom State a destination of choice. We can turn Uyo into a business hub and people must have the opportunity to contribute to the refinement of the Arise Agenda,” he said

The former lawmaker, who expressed dismay over the poor implementation of policies in the country, explained that for the government’s agenda to be transformative, it must be effectively implemented. He, however, added that the non-implementation of policies was not limited to Nigeria.

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“The crafting of policies is one thing; it must be followed by effective implementation. We must set up measurable goals and identify resources needed for the implementation of the policies.”

The launch of the programme was attended by the business community and politicians, including former governor, Udom Emmanuel and incumbent Governor Umo Eno.

Earlier, Governor Eno described the Arise Agenda as not just a political manifesto, but a detailed and well-articulated governance blueprint that would enhance the optimal utilisation of the state’s rich human and material resources to deliver the state, a vibrant, inclusive, diversified and highly industrialised economy.

He said the dialogue would expose the agenda for further analysis by experts and stakeholders across party lines to reason together in furtherance of the Akwa Ibom dream, adding that it was imperative to get the people’s buy-in and take ownership in its articulation and eventual implementation.

“I like to tell the incoming commissioners; you are coming into a new season. You may be old on the job, but there is a new template and that template we will follow. We brought you together because we believe you will help us interpret and run with the vision of the Arise Agenda. I trust in your capacity. I have vouched for the Akwa Ibom people and I want to believe that you will not let us down.”