• Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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U.S-Nigeria Business Council, Nigeria Software and AI Engineers unveils MyAI

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The U.S.-Nigeria Business Council (USNBC) proudly announced its collaboration with Nigerian Software and AI Engineers to unveil MyAI, a groundbreaking Transactional Artificial Intelligence software.

In a press statement made available to BusinessDay on Thursday, the organisation spearheaded by Kayode Aladesuyi said that this partnership aims to transform the landscape of AI and robotics in Nigeria, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Aladesuyi, a Nigerian American entrepreneur and technologist, founded MYai Robotics LLC and assembled a team of Nigerian software and AI engineers based in the US, UK, and Nigeria for the project.

Titus Olowokere, Executive Director/CEO of USNBC, emphasises the council’s commitment to fostering technological development that generates employment and benefits for Nigeria.

He said, “This is the result of many years of challenging work to cultivate business relationships between Nigerians in the diaspora and at home. Our efforts at the USNBC are not restricted to exports and imports, but also to offer advice on the economy and other collaborative activities that can influence the development of technology, products, and services that will create employment and benefits for Nigeria.”

MyAI represents a remarkable leap forward in AI technology, offering advanced transactional capabilities and promising a myriad of possibilities for various industries.

Aladesuyi, leading the charge as CEO of MYai Robotics LLC, expresses his vision for the project, stating, “Together, they are committed to pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve and redefining the future of robotics.”

Recognising the potential of the collaboration, the USNBC aims to bolster economic development and technological innovation within Nigeria.

By leveraging the power of AI, MyAI Robotics endeavours to positively impact sectors such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation.

The joint effort between the USNBC and MYai Robotics will facilitate strategic partnerships, knowledge sharing programmes, and talent development initiatives, fostering collaboration and entrepreneurship in the AI and robotics domains.

MyAI’s capabilities extend to performing digital tasks remotely, conducting secure financial transactions, and facilitating seamless multilingual communication.

The software’s “MYai Sales Agent” component promises to revolutionize customer engagement on websites, as highlighted by Abdulmateen Bello, Chief Product Officer at MYai Robotics.

Bello explained the software’s objective, stating, “Our goal is to reduce apprehension about AI and create AI as an assistance tool that eases daily work and personal stress for people, while increasing quality of life for users by performing many of the daily tasks, to free up essential quality personal time that is very much needed.”

The collaboration between the U.S.-Nigeria Business Council and MYai Robotics marks a significant milestone in fostering global partnerships and knowledge exchange, poised to accelerate technological advancements in AI and robotics.