• Friday, April 19, 2024
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TTP set to deploy new technology to streamline electronic call-up system

TTP set to deploy new technology to streamline electronic call-up system

…Marks third anniversary

Three years after the introduction of the Eto electronic call-up system for batching port-bound trucks, the Trucks Transit Parks Ltd (TTP), a technology company specialising in mobility solutions, said is awaiting government approval to deploy its new technology that will eliminate the challenges surrounding the electronic call-up system.

The new technologies include Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), E-tags, and the E-call-up Interchange Transaction Number (EITN) designed for Apapa and Tin-Can Ports.

Delivering his anniversary message, Jámà Ọnwụbụarịrị, managing director and co-founder of Trucks Transit Parks Ltd, told newsmen, that the new technologies when deployed will help to prevent illegal crisscrossing of trucks between terminals, improve security and access control.

“These innovations are poised to further ease truck mobility challenges and enhance efficiency within the industry,” he said.

Ọnwụbụarịrị said the anniversary is not only the opportunity to celebrate its journey of innovation and growth but also to reflect on the significant impact it has made in the maritime and logistics industry.

He said TTP has emerged as a key player in driving port terminal efficiency, reducing traffic congestion, and creating new business opportunities within the Apapa port economic zone.

“Our third anniversary provides us an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come in breaking the barriers to tech adoption in maritime and logistics, but also on the vast opportunities in the industry that are yet untapped,” said Ọnwụbụarịrị.

“Nigeria’s social and economic challenges present a fertile ground for innovation, and TTP has seized the opportunity to leverage technology to address these challenges. With products like Ètò, an electronic truck call-up solution used to manage truck movement between various controlled facilities, and the recently launched Tafiyah, an online marketplace designed for the transportation of cargo; we have not only eased congestion but also provided solutions that maximise business opportunities for stakeholders while reducing carbon emissions and improving efficiency.

“Lagos State’s status as the tech hub of Africa is a testament to the talent and potential within our borders. We believe technology and innovation can transform Nigeria into an economic powerhouse in the mid-term,” Ọnwụbụarịrị added.

Owing to the importance of partnerships with both private and public sector players in the maritime, infrastructure, and technology subsectors, he said, the firm will leverage partnerships to deepen its value-adding services and contribute to the growth and development of the industry.

According to him, Nigeria’s strategic location along the west coast of Africa makes the country a maritime hub, and with the right initiatives and partnerships, the country will unlock even greater opportunities.

Trucks Transit Parks Ltd remains steadfast in its commitment to driving positive change, fostering innovation, and creating value for all stakeholders. As it celebrates its 3rd anniversary, TTP looks forward to a future filled with continued growth, collaboration, and success.