• Monday, July 22, 2024
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Truckers fault plan deployment of 200 security personnel to Apapa, Tin-Can roads

Truckers fault plan deployment of 200 security personnel to Apapa, Tin-Can roads

Worried by the failure of the recently disbanded Presidential Taskforce Team (PTT) to resolve the chaotic traffic problem in Apapa and Tin-Can roads, the Association of Maritime Truck Owners (AMATO) has faulted the Federal and State Governments plan to inaugurate another taskforce to take charge of managing traffic situation in the port area.

According to a statement by Remi Ogungbemi, chairman of AMATO, inaugurating another taskforce that would comprise of same set of people that compounded the problem of traffic situation in Apapa and Tin-Can through unlawful systematic extortion of truckers, operating multiple illegal checkpoints, favoritism, formation of cabals and legitimisation of hoodlums, hooligans and gangsters harassment, intimidation and violent attack of truckers, could amount to repackaging of old wine in new bottle.

“Recycling of old taskforce that mismanaged traffic problem in Apapa and Tin-Can roads for selfish interest would further consolidate and promote the status quo of bribery and extortion of truckers. This is because human interference is the main reason why traffic problem is persisting in Apapa and Tin-Can. Why does government prefer to use taskforce as solution to traffic problem that requires just simple technicality?” Ogungbemi questioned.

He described taskforce as a militarised language that shouldn’t be used under a democratic dispensation, except if ports are indirectly inviting the military to take charge.

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He however suggested that there is need to put in place an automated device that would regulate and control the movement of every trucks and petroleum tankers including the trucks going to all the factories around Apapa and Tin-an axis.

“For trucks to permanently leave the roads and bridges, the following should be put into consideration by authority. There is need to make an announcement using both electronic and print media to inform every stakeholders that all trucks and petroleum tankers should leave the roads to their private parks and garages, as measures are already in place to start regulating their movement seamlessly without hassles,” he said.

Therefore, he stated that bringing taskforce is not, and cannot be the permanent solution, it would be like setting fire on the bush, all the animals in the bush would run away in helter-skelter, and by the time the fire settled down and the grass start growing, the animals would definitely come back.

“Bringing taskforce is a waste of manpower and resources that could be used to provide other basic amenities for the populace, even the 200 security personnel can be deployed to face some other security challenges that are confronting our nation, such as Boko Haram, kidnapping and among others,” he added.

Ogungbemi however said that the plan could mean that some people at the helm of affairs are benefiting from the extortions and bribery; hence they prefer taskforce against automated system of passing trucks into the seaports.

While asking if Nigeria must continue to speak and act militarily under a democratic dispensation, he said that even government always comes up with taskforce as solution that requires technicality to resolve.

He described the new team as same cabals that have been extorting, cheating, terrorising, humiliating other truckers and prioritising themselves against other truckers.