• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Travel expert names cheap countries Nigerians can migrate to

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A Nigerian travel expert, simply known as David Machon, has said that there are numerous countries that are cheap to migrate to besides the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other popular destinations.

Speaking via a video on social media, the man said Schengen countries such as Denmark, Norway and Belgium are also good places to live and work if people take their time to check carefully.

He said there are a lot of job opportunities in Denmark and that one could travel to the country with only N2 million.

He said with N2 million, it is possible to travel and live in some good Schengen countries in Europe.

In a post made on TikTok, the travel advisor, Dave, noted that it is possible to travel to Denmark from Nigeria with only N2 million.

In response to a follower asking him about countries one could travel to with N2 million, Dave said other European countries, such as Belgium, Sweden and Norway, are also good places to live in.

Dave said there are good job opportunities in Denmark, and other Schengen countries just like other places in Europe.

The travel advisor, however, noted that the only challenge Nigerians relocating to the country could face is a language barrier, considering that several of the countries do not have English as their first language.

Interestingly, a check by BusinessDay shows that Dave’s advice may be logical because all the countries he mentioned are all members of the Schengen zone, this means that it is possible to travel to these countries with only one visa.

Presently, the Schengen visa costs only N79,000 or 80 Euros. Also, finding reveals that a round-trip air ticket from Lagos to Denmark currently costs $1,115 or N999,000.

With a Schengen visa, a traveller can stay in any of the countries in the zone for 90 days before leaving.