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Nigerians react as Tinubu bans son from FEC meeting

Title: Nigerians react as Tinubu bans son from FEC meeting

President Bola Tinubu’s recent decision to exclude his family members and associates from participating in Federal Executive Council (FEC) meetings has garnered mixed reactions from Nigerians.

On Monday, October 30, the President was captured in a viral video issuing the directive ahead of the fourth FEC meeting of his administration at the state house in Abuja.

In the video, President Tinubu expressed concern about unauthorized access and individuals entering and leaving the council chambers, even highlighting an incident involving his own son, Seyi. He firmly stated, “That is not acceptable.”

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These are some of Nigerians’ Responses to Tinubu’s Actions on social media:

Many Nigerians have expressed their thoughts on President Tinubu’s decision, showcasing a range of opinions:

Abdulhadi Abdulrahman commended the President’s alertness, saying, “Okay, we may be in pain, but I am beginning to believe Mr. President is alert. Our role is to keep praying for God to guide the President and the nation to greater heights.”

Mayowa Rafael praised the President’s move, emphasizing, “It’s a matter of national importance, not a family affair. God bless you, Mr. President, for your concern.”

Ayo Akin emphasized that Aso Rock’s affairs are not family matters and applauded the President for his decision, stating, “The nation’s business is not a family affair. It’s about to become more serious.”

Ebubedike speculated that if Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or Peter Obi of the Labour Party were in the President’s position, their sons would not have been seen at FEC meetings. He remarked, “Can you imagine in any way a Peter Obi’s or Atiku’s son showing up at an FEC meeting? It’s unthinkable.”

Aderemi noted the positive shift, stating, “The fact that we now have a President who is conscious of his actions and his environment indicates an upgrade from what we used to have.”

Mekwezworld – “As it should be. I commend Mr President for this.”

Oyatopeabioye – “ Lead by example. That’s good.”

Soji_737 – “Clear, firm and in control.”

Nasbee.ng – “Okay, we may be in pain but I am beginning to believe Mr President is at alert. Ours is to keep praying for God to guide the president and Nation to a greater height.”

Ceerelmensah – “Literally, playing to the gallery.”

Rothschild – Man is locking down!!! Pikin haff started forming his own cartel, Mummy haff talk to Daddy… Daddy is locking down!!”

Al shamraneeh – “Yes very unacceptable, I like that even though I’m not a fan of Tinubu.”

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Elderjachi – “I have always said this, and I would say it again.. Mr President should have just appointed Seyi Tinubu Minister of youth development or if the designation of Minister was going to raise eye brows, he can look for another name and call him. However what should important is that they guy gets an official portfolio.. Imagine he is even attending FEC meetings, and which other government activities is he engaged in sadly in an unofficial capacity. And the law does stop Mr President from giving him official position. Donald Trump did it in the US and there is no big deal about it. Seyi is more than eminently qualified to hold an official position in this administration..”

President Bola Tinubu’s move to restrict his family members and associates from participating in FEC meetings has elicited a variety of responses from the Nigerian populace, with some praising his alertness and others highlighting the importance of maintaining a clear distinction between national affairs and family matters.