• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Tinubu-Shettima supporters vow to expose appointees plotting against president’s 2027 interest

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Some supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) under the umbrella of the Southwest Tinubu-Shettima Presidential Supporters Movement have declared their intention to reveal the identities of certain appointees they accuse of undermining President Bola Tinubu’s political future for their own selfish interest.

At a press conference in Lagos on Thursday, members of the support group criticised the actions of these appointees and urged Tinubu and the APC leadership to take immediate action to prevent the party from being compromised by a minority.

The group also promised to identify those planning to take over leadership in 2027, suggesting that Tinubu may not run for office again.

The supporters highlighted accusations made by Jesutega Onokpasa, a notable APC member, who warned that plans to replace the president before the end of his first term should not be ignored.

Onokpasa, previously part of the APC Presidential Campaign Council for Bola Tinubu, claimed in a video that the controversy surrounding the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s charges against ex-Governor Yahaya Bello and the ongoing criticism of ex-Governor Nasir El-Rufai are part of a strategy against the President.

Femi Bode-Banjoko, speaking for the group, stated that while Onokpasa did not name individuals, it is possible to infer who is involved in the alleged plot.

He said, “It is not difficult to make an educated guess as to those involved in such a satanic plot to be scheming for Asiwaju’s untimely departure for their own selfish political ambitions.”

Bode-Banjoko added, “These characters have been using their positions as appointees of the president to pursue their personal agendas rather than concentrate on the assignments of their offices.

“Because of that, their performances in office have been woeful till date. Rather than assist the president to improve on the country’s security and economy, they are busy chasing their perceived political enemies all around the country whilst the country suffers. They continue to give our Party a bad name among Nigerians because they are not justifying their appointments whatsoever but concentrating on alienating those who worked hard for the success of our Party in the last presidential election from the president.

“For instance, former Governors Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State and Ganduje of Kano were in the forefront of Northern Governors who gave one hundred percent support and loyalty with tireless hard work to ensure Asiwaju’s victory to emerge as our Party’s Presidential candidate and eventually as the President and Commander-in-chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria last year.

“Nasir El-Rufai and former Governor Yahaya Bello were the ones who went to Court to bail out the country from the satanic plot of the Naira redesign policy that threw many Nigerians into pains and penury.

“These retrogressive political opportunists made sure that El-Rufai was frustrated out of the Ministerial appointment through flimsy petitions and are now instigating his successor against him. Former Governors El-Rufai, and Yahaya Bello delivered their states to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in 2023 through unprecedented hard work, dedication and Party loyalty whilst these ones who are reaping from where they didn’t sow lost their states and couldn’t even deliver any significant electoral value to the Party’s ticket. But they are now exploiting their positions to go after those who delivered for the ticket.”

The group urged the president to replace incompetent and disloyal officials with individuals capable of addressing national challenges effectively.

Bode-Banjoko also warned against nefarious plots targeting Tinubu’s health, affirming their unwavering support for the president and the party’s success.