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Hypercom Network: Thriving on integrity, professionalism, and providing high-quality services

Hypercom Network: Thriving on integrity, professionalism, and providing high-quality services

For Nigeria to attain her position in the comity of nations in critical areas of human endeavours, professionals like Chief Joshua A. Denila, the Chief Executive Officer of HyperCom Network Limited, remains one of those that the country looks up to. Over the years, Chief Denila has carved a niche for himself through the professional execution of projects. Chief Denila has distinguished himself not only as a reputable System Engineer, serial investor and entrepreneur but has also demonstrated a high degree of integrity and professionalism in the telecommunication and oil and gas sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Hypercom Network is an Integrated Information technology service provider dedicated to aiding businesses in Nigeria and around the world to increase their profitability and efficiency. Established in the year 2000, the company has grown to become a trusted partner of many businesses from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to big corporations. Its approach of deploying cutting-edge next-generation green energy, Telecoms and Internet Technologies helps businesses enhance performance by leveraging the power of the internet to automate and extend their business processes online. Hypercom Network’s capabilities and extensive experience in the provision of advanced support ensures its clients receive high-quality and cost-efficient business solutions designed, produced and developed by its knowledgeable and experienced technology strategists. Their services include: IoT/Remote Telemetry and Metering for oil and gas, Digital Signage Solutions for various industry segments, Fuel Station & Oil Depot Management Software jointly developed with its subsidiary downstream applications service company – Petrosoft, advanced computer vision solutions for Road Infrastructure Monitoring, Electricity & Substation Monitoring, Online Water, Oil & Gas Tank Monitoring, Custom Developed Software, Solar energy systems, Thin Clients and Cloud Computing.

What business growth strategies have contributed to the company’s continued success?

Our growth strategy is our continued focus on finding solutions to our customers’ problems. So we continue to invest in research, new product development and improvement of existing products and solutions. Hypercom has remained one of the innovative information technology companies in Nigeria, many of our solutions have evolved from being a product to an established company. A typical example is our downstream automation solutions which evolved into Petrosoft Limited, this company began with the provision of automation and software solutions to one client with a few filling stations now to now serving over 3000 retail outlets and LPG Gas retailers across Nigeria within a space of five years. Same for Activeguard Telematics, our security technology company which has grown from just a few clients ten years ago to serving customers across the country.

In your capacity as the Chief Executive Officer of Hypercom Network Ltd, how well has the business performed in terms of attaining its objectives?

The purpose of business is to bring maximum value to shareholders and employees of the organization, which we have achieved. Technology helps businesses drive down costs and increase profitability and this applies to every sphere of business. The growth of technology has helped to significantly reduce the growing number of unemployment in Nigeria. The ICT sector is one of the largest employers of labour in the country and is directly responsible for creating millions of jobs.

Technology is an enabler for every sector and so will continue to dominate globally in GDP Contribution not only in Nigeria.
So, we have continued to bring value to our shareholders, our employees and the country at large as a profitable business entity.

Comparing the Nigerian professionals to their foreign counterparts in terms of quality service delivery, do you think the foreign professionals outperform Nigerians?

Nigerian professionals are equally as good as their foreign counterparts and in most cases better given the kind of environment under which we thrive. Our foreign counterparts cannot survive a situation where you are responsible for generating your own electricity, providing your security, contending with bad roads across the country and at the same time paying multiple taxes for no services from the government. I think there is no basis for comparison, anyone staying back to do business in Nigeria is the only hope of this country.

What challenges does your organization currently face in preserving a moral and ethical corporate environment?

Really challenging to keep morals and ethics in corporate Nigeria as the government policies make life difficult for the average worker on a daily basis. People will definitely find a way to keep afloat, so it’s really challenging. The earning power of the average worker is eroded daily with uncontrolled inflation, you can imagine the resultant effect.

Can you share some of your organization’s landmark accomplishments over the years?

Our most recent achievement is the successful launch and test of the first Nigerian – Hypercom EFMS – 100% locally designed solutions for Marine Vessel Electronic Fuel Monitoring and carbon emissions tracking systems. Previously, only companies from Europe and America provided the solution to the marine sector in Africa. Our solutions are currently doing well and installed on several vessels serving the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

In the downstream oil and gas sector, we started the automation revolution so now It’s inevitable for any player in this industry to make a headway without embracing modern technology. Most profitable oil and gas companies are those that have recognized the role of technology in business efficiency and increased profitability. For those who see investment in modern technology as an additional burden, on the company, I think they have missed it. There must be positive results for every kobo invested in technology, this can only happen if you go with the right company like ours. We ensure that this is clearly visible in your bottom line.

Our subsidiary company Petrosoft is a technology enabler for the oil and gas sector. Over the years we have supported the upstream oil and gas players with homegrown customized solutions for production management, contractor and employee management, business process automation systems and remote monitoring capabilities.

Petrosoft dominates the downstream oil and gas sector absolutely and you will find the most profitable petroleum distribution companies in the Nigerian downstream sector using our solutions for their oil and gas terminal operations management, head office operations and day-to-day management of hundreds of retail filling stations as well as LPG retail outlets in the nook and crannies of Nigeria.
For the downstream, we offer the best suite of cloud-based intelligent software solutions available in the market today and it includes:

Head Office – Downstream Petroleum Distribution & Transport Management System: handles all areas of head office financial accounting, Product distribution, wet stock management, PEF, Subsidy, Transport/Driver Management, HR, Asset Management, mobile Appfor Depot Rep etc
Station Manager: – handles all LPG & Fuel station financial accounting, inventory management, HR, Asset Management, Retail Sales, Bulk sales,
for LPG and Fuel Station retail operations, works with or without ATG or Dispenser integration, and also works in fully automated mode with dispenser & tank gauging integration.

Oil Depot/Terminal Manager: This system covers all areas of LPG/Oil depot operations, Asset Management and Financial Accounting. Inbuilt
CRM allows clients to remotely handle all reconciliations keep a tab on their accounts and also make product orders and distributions from the comfort of their office.

Fillup – Corporate Fuel Spend Management System – this system helps corporate organization manage their relationship with their fuel retailers to ensure that fuel expenses are transparent and bring mutual benefit to all partners. Fillup also provides functionality for logistics and transport vehicle owners to remotely monitor fleet fuel expenses and vehicle fuel consumption in real-time.

At Petrosoft we have also designed a gamut of sensing technologies for domestic and commercial LPG cylinder and online tank monitoring, pipeline pressure and flow monitoring. We offer advanced industrial IoT and system integration services for oil and gas industry players to enable them to achieve their desired goals for operational efficiency and profitability.