These Industries Prove That Now Is The Time to Take Your Business Online

This year has been a challenging one for many of us. We’ve spent more time at home and less time with our loved ones, so it’s understandable if even business people are feeling a little deflated. However, one thing that this year has given us is a chance to take stock of what we already have, and the breathing space to change the things that need addressing. For many young entrepreneurs, it has proved the perfect time to launch their own online business, but for those of us who are established in a bricks-and-mortar business, it has been a little different. If you’re still reflecting on whether now is the right time to take your business online, then let these industries inspire you to make that leap. 

The Fashion Industry 

The fashion industry has long revolved around hosting biannual fashion weeks around the world. Paris, Milan, New York, and London Fashion Weeks were the highlights of the fashion calendar, but this has all been brought to an abrupt halt. Interestingly, this change has leveled the playing field for up-and-coming designers and those living in other countries. Now fashion companies are spending more money than ever on influencer marketing, through social media platforms, and seeing bigger and better results.

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Kenneth Ize is one such emerging designer who was born and lives in Nigeria. His West African identity has always been the driving force behind his designs, using traditional Aso-Oke fabric and Adire fabrics to form his incredible collections. Whilst in 2019 Kenneth was focusing on his entry to the LVMH Prize, this year has given Kenneth the breathing space to really focus on fine-tuning the meaning behind his next collection, as well as ensuring the website is fit for consumers all over the world to order from. Understanding that fashion is becoming much more global, and therefore much more online, will be key for those designers who want to survive and thrive going forward. 

The Video Gaming Industry

The video gaming industry has been largely online for a while now, but with more people spending time at home it has had a chance to perfect its online business model. One aspect that this industry has been able to help people with is connecting with others through gaming. Platform game releases designed for multiple players have boomed this year, with favorites such as Animal Crossing and PubG soaring in popularity, not just in Africa, but across all continents.

One particular area which has excelled is the online casino industry. South African company has spent extra time ensuring that the online safety of people who enjoy casino games is a priority. Their website focuses on selecting the best casinos in South Africa, following a strict criteria for safety, bonuses, and speedy deposits, as well as others. The need for websites to help the consumer in this way shows just how much this industry is growing. The need for people to be able to socialize online and enjoy playing games has been more important than ever recently and this shows in the upsurge in online video gaming.

The Delivery Industry 

An aspect of our social lives that we may previously have thought would be hard to replicate at home has been challenged this year, restaurant-quality food. Many of us enjoy a takeaway meal from time to time, but would never consider it a replacement for sitting down at our favorite restaurant. However, this year the surge in fine dining meals to be delivered to the home has grown hugely. Of course, one company holds the global monopoly on these deliveries; Uber Eats.

Though this branch of the company has been growing for some time now, it has experienced massive peaks over the past 12 months. Consumers have been choosing to order food to their houses and recreate the restaurant experience at home with surprisingly positive results. ‘Finish at Home’ meals have seen a surge in popularity particularly in Europe, where restaurants will prepare all of the food and give detailed instructions on how to heat and assemble at home. This ensures that crisp dishes arrive crisp and all food is served hot. it will be interesting to follow how trends like this in the hospitality and delivery sector grow over the coming months, but the ability to take a restaurant business online is certainly not one to be missed.

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