• Thursday, June 20, 2024
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The SmileHub introduces clear aligners, lifts orthodontic practice

The SmileHub

To ensure that more Nigerians with orthodontic needs have access to premium care without leaving the shores of the country, boutique clinic, The Smilehub is poised to deliver specialist orthodontics services.

Services ranging from diagnosis to prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth, jaws, and misaligned bite patterns.

The SmileHub has introduced removable clear aligners to make orthodontic care more accessible to a larger swath of the population and less disruptive to their lifestyles.

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According to the clinic lead team, Bunmi Tokede, The SmileHub came about because they wanted to provide world-class specialist orthodontic care to adults and adolescents here in Nigeria, as orthodontic care is a highly specialised and very challenging aspect of dentistry.

“Almost all Orthodontic treatments in Nigeria is currently performed using braces (fixed to the teeth). Removable appliances (clear aligners) represent a virtually non-existent ‘black market’ driven by patients who are aware of the availability and advantages of clear aligners but lack access to it through official service providers, which do not exist currently in Nigeria.

“This absence means that orthodontists do not recommend clear aligners and have little to no experience with clear aligner therapy, hence patients often have to travel abroad to obtain competent clear aligner care.”

The triple trained Harvard graduate and Associate Professor of Orthodontics and Informatics in the United States noted that aligners are a well-documented alternative to braces, and are currently one of the most consequential innovations in dentistry of the 21st century. “They are preferred to braces because they are less disruptive to patients’ lifestyle.”

Consequently, The SmileHub primarily provides world-class aligner care to people who reside in Nigeria with cutting-edge diagnostic radiological services, as well as professional dental cleanings (prophylaxis, scaling and polishing).

“Our team is uniquely trained in this speciality and we are motivated to share our passion and competence with Nigerians and Africans.

“Our vision is to elevate the quality of healthcare delivery in Nigeria and Africa,”
Tokede said.

Dr Tokede assured that the clinic is keen on the highest quality in niche dental care service.

“We continue to evolve as a practice to work with each patient in meeting their healthcare needs. We offer both in-person and virtual consultations so people who live further away can still benefit from our expertise. We provide timely care because we are mindful of our patient’s schedules. We use the latest in dental monitoring technologies in order to provide continuing remote care and our core values are integrity, compassion and excellence.

Many of our patients have crowded teeth, spaces between their teeth, protruding teeth, tongue/thumb habits, open bites, underbites among others. While many are adults, some are kids and location isn’t a limitation because orthodontic care can be scheduled ahead of time to coincide with travel. We already have patients from Port Harcourt, Abuja, London, Chicago and even Delhi,” he said.