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The Harmoniser: Nkem Offonabo shares career journey, lessons, and well-being tips for women in finance

The Harmoniser: Nkem Offonabo shares career journey, lessons, and well-being tips for women in finance

Nkem Offonabo, also known as The Harmoniser, is the Head of Human Resources at VFD Group Plc.

Nkem is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHRi) and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (ACIPM) with over 15 years of work experience across Human Resources, Product and Business Development in Financial Services, Investment Management and Consulting.

In this interview with BusinessDay, Offonabo shares her career journey, lessons she learned and tips on how to strive in the career world as a woman.

Can you walk us through your career journey, highlighting key lessons you’ve learned along the way?

My career journey began in 2008 with a brief stint at an HR consultancy firm before joining First City Monument Bank in the Retail Banking Division. I expressed my ambition to become a Human Resources Executive to my manager, who later alerted me to an internal opening for an Employee Relations Officer.

After applying, interviewing, and being selected, I spent the next 3 years working in various HR departments; Employee Services, Organization Development, Recruitment, Selection, and Onboarding.

Despite transitioning into a Business Development role through a strategic leadership alignment, I remained committed to my dream career in Human Resources. I actively pursued personal development by acquiring certifications, attending self-funded HR conferences, volunteering and honing my skills.

In 2021, I took charge of my career and became an Independent HR Consultant until August 2022, when I returned to the corporate world as the Head of Employee Services and Wellness at PremiumTrust Bank. A year later, I assumed the role of Head of Human Resources at VFD Group Plc.

Through this journey, I’ve learned the importance of clarifying career vision, delivering exceptional work, building meaningful relationships, seizing opportunities, and embracing change.

What would you consider to be your proudest achievement and a significant milestone in your career?

One of my proudest achievements is becoming a published author of a best-selling book, “The Harmonised Life,” while managing a demanding corporate career.

However, my most recent proud moment is assuming the role of Head of Human Resources at VFD Group Plc.

These milestones not only highlight my professional growth but also underscore my ability to pursue my passions alongside my career.

In the context of maintaining well-being amidst work demands, what are some effective self-care tips you practice or recommend to others in the financial industry?

Prioritizing well-being is crucial in the finance and investment management industry.

Firstly, recognize the importance of work-life harmony. Secondly, create a daily to-do list to stay focused and track your progress, which can provide a sense of achievement.

Thirdly, delegate tasks to empower your team and promote their development, enabling you to focus on strategic initiatives. Finally, invest in activities that help you relax and recharge. For me, swimming twice a week was a great way to unwind.

These practices can help you maintain a healthy work-life harmony, essential for sustained success.