• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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The Black Book: Why South Americans love the film more than Africans


Nollywood film “The Black Book” has taken the streaming world by storm, solidifying its position as a global phenomenon.

While it may not be unusual for movies to gain popularity in their home countries, its remarkable international success sets this film apart.

It has resonated with audiences in regions as diverse as South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia, demonstrating the universal appeal of its storytelling.

Netflix Naija said, “In its first week of release, “The Black Book ” rated first in Nigeria, fourth globally, and in the top ten in 38 countries, with audiences in South America, the Caribbean, and other world regions.

Among the  38 countries, sixteen are located in the South American region, while America, as a whole, represented the majority, comprising 55% of the total 38 countries.

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Nigerian films have captivated South American audiences with universal themes and unique perspectives, providing a getaway from everyday life. Also has built up the ability to foster connections between viewers from many cultures, and the availability of subtitles on streaming platforms like Netflix increases their accessibility and appeal in South American countries.

“The Black Book” has surged to the top of Netflix charts worldwide, marking a historic point for the Nigerian film industry. This performance demonstrates Nigerian cinema’s enormous potential and marks a new age for directors with ambitions.

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Regarding this significant victory, Editi Effiong expressed his thoughts on the X platform, stating:
“Thank you Nigeria. Thank you Nollywood. Thank you World!!! “The Black Book is the #1 film in the world on Netflix” sounds rather amazing, but let’s look at what the official Netflix data actually says – The Black Book hit #4 in the whole world TWO DAYS AFTER RELEASE!!! Our film came out 22 September. 22-24 September numbers alone to hit #4 globally is unreal. It’s simply insane.”

The success of “The Black Book” demonstrates the growing global appeal of Nigerian movies. It also serves as a reminder that filmmakers might achieve enormous success by going straight to streaming sites rather than distributing their films in theatres.

A few movies that have topped the Netflix charts include Omo Ghetto: The Saga, King of Boy: Return of the King, Lionheart, and most recently, Jagun Jagun.