Taiwan Trade Launches Virtual Expo Platform

Due to the effect of the so sudden COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that essentially shut down all world institutions, which included border control measures and travel bans.

TAITRA has launched an online platform Taiwan Virtual Expo for Taiwanese enterprises in order to display their innovative products to meet the high demands of Nigerian companies for possible business cooperation and integration.

The event was participated by 56 Taiwanese enterprises with over 80 wide range products such as sophisticated machines, tools, fabrics, fastens, ICT, hardware, solar appliances, housewares, Led, Auto, parts and more.

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During the event, only four companies presented their products via their respective representatives. The event was an eye-opener for first-timers and an advanced upgrade for existing clientele’s. Other people present at the invent were corporate/financial bodies & media representatives.

TAITRA looks forward to holding another edition soon because the world of commerce is the only resource for economic development even during the post-COVID-19 period.
TAITRA warmly welcomes you to visit for more inclusion.

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