• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Taiwan Excellence to launch ‘Sharing is Caring’ initiative to recruit global citizens

Taiwan Excellence to launch ‘Sharing is Caring’ initiative to recruit global citizens

The Taiwan Excellence is set to launch its ‘Sharing is Caring’ initiative to recruit individuals and non-governmental organisations with creative and innovative ideas that impact the environment.

The initiative which has kick-started its campaign will be launching its activity on September 1st, 2021 intending to recruit global citizens that can come up with creative initiatives utilizing the Taiwan Excellence products and services, propose innovative solutions, and implement them in their home countries to specifically aid the local environment and society.

It is the first global cross-year large-scale charity event organized by TAITRA and it is themed “Social Concern and Environmental Protection”, combined with Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG).

Also, the initiative will further demonstrate the importance of the Taiwanese enterprises and Taiwan Excellence attachment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, as well as showcasing their active attitude towards participation.

According to the Taiwan Excellence, an individual’s abilities may be limited, but by participating in the ‘Sharing is Caring’ proposal activity, the organisation will assist them in realizing their dreams.

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On that note, it urged people around the world to come and showcase their creativity and ingenuity, and actively come up with proposals to make kindness a reality.

Taiwan Excellence will select the three best proposals from all the global entries.

The selected proposals will receive a bonus of $10,000 and an execution stipend of $150,000 per case, for good ideas to be fully implemented, the organisation said in a statement.

According to them, well-known Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who has been concerned with climate change since she was a young child, was able to grow and spread her first simple idea, from an essay competition in local newspapers.

“As huge numbers of people globally embraced her ideals; the world began to face the issue of climate change head-on.”

“Another example is Chen Shu-chu from Taitung, Taiwan. She provided public welfare without asking for recognition by taking the proceeds from selling vegetables to help build schools and libraries, thereby facilitating urgent relief for her community,” the oraginsation further said.

“Their common philosophy is to do one’s best to change society and make the world a better place. We believe in every corner of the globe there are people who care about social welfare just like they do,” it added.

The campaign of the initiative was sponsored by 29 Taiwan Excellence enterprises during the short period of fundraising.

The participating businesses include many well-known listed companies in Taiwan, while many are only small and medium-sized enterprises involved in fields such as medical care, intelligent machinery, metals, transport, information and communication technology, as well as sports and household equipment among others. It is clear that Taiwanese companies are emphasizing and committing to ESG and they have enthusiastically sponsored this event.

Tang Feng, Minister without Portfolio, Audrey Tang, representatives of many countries with diplomatic connections to Taiwan (such as Nauru, Eswatini, among others), public welfare organizations, and internet celebrities from Vietnam, Honduras, India, South Korea, and other countries, have all expressed support and agreement with the concept behind this activity.

“Sharing is Caring” is starting with Taiwan. Let’s join and empower a global circle of goodwill through “One idea, one share, letting love last forever,” Taiwan Excellence said.

People from all backgrounds are welcome to actively promote and share, and submit their proposals. Proposal registration runs from September 1st to October 31st.