• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Subsidy palliatives: FCT beneficiaries commend Nairaxi Digital Transit Initiative

Subsidy palliatives: FCT beneficiaries commend Nairaxi Digital Transit Initiative

As Nigerians anticipate subsidy palliatives, tech mobility company NAIRAXI has introduced a convenient free/subsidised transit initiative to support commuters in the FCT.

The initiative provides free or subsidised transport services to average and low-income earners who work in the FCT but reside in satellite towns.

Beneficiaries of the free transit card and subsidised transport services in the FCT expressed their joy and commended NAIRAXI and its partner, Firstplus, for the timely and impactful assistance.

In recent weeks, NAIRAXI has continued to offer free fare services with its automated BRT buses to help users become accustomed to their tech infrastructure. The transit initiative is modern, scheduled, secure, equipped with monitoring systems, digital, and efficient.

This comes just a few days after the unveiling of NAIRAXI’s digitised mass transit system, which envisions a future of seamless and enjoyable commuting experiences.

Kingsley Eze, the CEO of NAIRAXI, explained that the aim is to help transport operators in the FCT provide affordable and profitable transport services despite the subsidy removal and increasing cost of transport.

He further noted that the system can be adopted by federal and state governments, as well as private transport agencies.

It is worth noting that the removal of fuel subsidy has led to a sudden increase in the cost of transportation, which Nigerians have been struggling with. However, this service will be available to all societal segments, especially low-income earners.

The initiative leverages technology to improve routing plans that minimise congestion and enhance the overall efficiency of the public transport system in Nigeria, particularly in the FCT.

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Florence Adagba, a civil servant and a beneficiary of the initiative, expressed her satisfaction, stating, “I am so impressed with this program; for the past week, I have been enjoying free transportation to and from the office. They gave us free transit cards and myself and my colleagues are very happy.”

Another beneficiary, identified as Yinka Abdulwahab, called on the government to consider NAIRAXI and other transport operators.

He emphasised that transport operators must be included in subsidy palliatives to enable them to provide subsidised transport services, which directly impact the people.