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Stephen Akintayo bags honorary doctorate of Myles Leadership University

Stephen Akintayo bags honorary doctorate of Myles Leadership University

Following his contributions in the areas of humanitarianism, leadership training and mentorship, MD/CEO Gtext Holdings, Stephen Akintayo was recently conferred with a doctorate degree by the management of Myles Leadership University.

Matthew Mario, the director of programs, Myles Leadership University, while speaking at the conferment ceremony held at the Gtext Holdings headquarters in Banana Island, Lagos, stated that the decision of the University management was born out of close scrutiny of Akintayo’s strides in the Nigerian real estate sector.

Mario stated that the University, which has its main campus in India and an affiliate campus in Benin Republic carefully, selected Stephen Akintayo because of his astute reputation over the years.

While accepting the offer, Akintayo stated that he has previously rejected three honourary doctorate degrees on different occasions. According to him, the Myles Leadership University honorary degree is a great idea and that the University’s vision is in line with his views as an individual.

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“This is the second doctorate degree I would be getting. This year, on different occasions, I have gotten three honourary awards that I have rejected. This was because I was not just sure about the source. As one rises, it’s not all doors that open you must accept to walk through.

“The idea of Myles Leadership Doctorate Degree is very great. I’m honoured, and it’s a noble idea. I’m grateful for this award and it is dedicated to the wonderful persons that work together with me at Gtext Holdings,” Akintayo stated.

Nwando Mbalaso, the director of public relations, Myles Leadership University stated that the leadership of the university seeks out well-meaning persons who are willing to sponsor underprivileged students through the university program.

Responding, Akintayo noted that Gtext Holdings would foot the bill of a student to start with and would in subsequent years be open to five more persons.