• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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South Shore reassures patients of quality health care services at 10

South Shore Hospital commits to quality health care

South Shore Women’s and Children’s Hospital-a specialist health care facility located on Victoria Island and Ikeja GRA, has reassured its teeming and prospective patients that after 10 years in operations, the hospital is better positioned to deliver on its core mandate; which is provision of quality health care services for women and children in Nigeria based on the best current international practices.

Whilst thanking patients and partners of the business for their patronage, Olajuwon Alabi, chief executive officer of the hospital highlighted some of the hospital’s major milestones, “We set up SSWC, Victoria Island in 2012. In 2017, the first stage of the clinic’s expansion commenced with the introduction of Pediatrics services.”

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In 2018, the Ikeja branch was launched to give access to our mainland patients. We expanded our frontiers in 2019, with the introduction of breast care service, fertility services, telemedicine and oncology services.”

Speaking further on the mission of the company, Alabi said in a statement that they aim to provide women and children with the same advanced treatment procedures offered abroad (Minimal and non-Minimal invasive treatment options) thereby substantially reducing the need to travel abroad for medical care.

“In the last decade, SSWCH’s numbers have proven to exceed the quality and patient-centered care with a rise in our patient base to over 6000 who have accessed care at our facilities. The hospital has carried out over 32000 consultations and performed over 2428 surgeries.

“As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we have partnered with various foundations by giving free fibroid surgeries to women, contributed to professional development in the medical community furthermore, recently partnered with Steer for Change Mother and New Born”

The hospital hopes to expand its coverage within some other areas in Lagos state and across the country within the next couple of years, to provide women and children with the option of excellent and modern health care services in Nigeria.