• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Softcom kicks off Day X to address consumers on products

Softcom kicks off Day X to address consumers on products

Softcom said it has set aside a day to provide answers and solutions to customers’ questions and feedback.

The company in a statement said the goal of Day X is to relate an open world with equitable access to intuitive solutions that address the most basic human needs.

“By doing so, we will enable societal development, business growth, and human prosperity,” Yomi Adedeji, Chief Executive Office of Softcom, said.

Softcom expects the solutions to bring together the ability to sell better, sell more, identify people, control money and make better decisions and can be wielded to accelerate growth for businesses. Initiatives and platforms have also been designed with the entrepreneur to enable ambitious and early-stage businesses to position themselves for rapid growth.

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Softcom said it has spent a decade building inclusive, intuitive, and anticipate users’ needs in a helpful way. With more than 4 million customers – the majority of whom are Eyowo account holders – enterprise and developmental communities, business owners and entrepreneurs can now look forward to accessing tools that will catapult them to a new realm of seamless operations and growth.

With almost 90 percent of Nigerians identifying as entrepreneurs, Softcom’s inclusive efforts to provide growth tools to these key target audiences will firmly sit the company at the forefront of providers of advancement facilitating innovation in Nigeria.

To find out more about Softcom’s Day X and register for the virtual event slated on the 29th of July, 2021, visit www.softcom.xyz.