• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Six key takeaways from Baltimore Bridge collapse – Bloomberg


A major commuter bridge in Baltimore collapsed early Tuesday morning after being struck by a container ship, sending vehicles into the water and threatening chaos at one of the most important ports on the US East Coast. US President Joe Biden said all indications are that the disaster is the result of a “terrible accident.” Six workers who were on the Francis Scott Key Bridge at the time are still missing.

The crew on the Singapore-flagged Dali issued a mayday warning prior to the collision, which enabled authorities to stop the flow of new vehicles onto the bridge. That decision
“saved lives,” said Maryland Governor Wes Moore.

The bridge collapse will cause weeks or months of transportation disruptions in the Mid-Atlantic region and accelerate a shift of cargo to the US West Coast.

Vehicles carrying certain hazardous materials are being diverted all the way around the western portion of the Baltimore Beltway, because they aren’t allowed in harbor tunnels.

US President Joe Biden said he wants the federal government to pay for rebuilding the bridge, though that will require approval from Congress.

A routine safety inspection in June in San Antonio, Chile, found issues related to some of the gauges and thermometers linked to the Dali’s propulsion and auxiliary machinery, according to Tokyo MoU, an organization that promotes safe shipping. The issues weren’t grounds to detain the ship and it was unclear exactly what they were.