• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Sim Fubara era: Wike vows non-interference


The outgoing governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has assured free hand for his handpicked successor, Sim Fubara, to run the affairs of the state.

At the thanksgiving church service, Wike vowed not to interfere with the administration of the incoming governor. He however said he will not allow the new governor to make us cry.

Wike is known to have backed Fubara, and many have already speculated that the outgoing governor would want to lord it over his successor.

Wike has however made the world know that he will not interfere. The governor, has however, urged Fubara to be wary of those he said will be hellbent on creating rift between him and elders of the State, who are supposed to guide him as he steers the affairs of Rivers State.

Gov Wike stated that as he was bowing out of office on Monday, after eight years of meritorious service to the State, he would not interfere in the administration of Fubara so long as it engenders peace, unity and development of the State.

“We will not disturb you from running your administration, but we will not allow you to make us cry. We want you to succeed more than us, so that when we are passing on the road, we will raise our shoulders and say we told you that he will do better than us.”

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Gov Wike charged the governor-elect to be firm and decisive in his decision-making, particularly, if it is in the overall interest of the generality of the State.

“Decisions you will take may not be palatable, and it shouldn’t be palatable to everybody. No one decision you will take and everybody will be happy. People will criticise you.”

He advised Fubara to be wary of those who he said for their own selfishness may want to instigate him to shun Rivers’ elder statesmen and other stakeholders, whose counsel will help him steer the affairs of the State.
“You see the way I related with our elders, you see the way we have respected Sir Dr. Peter Odili.

The day you run away from them, enemies will catch you. And it is the work of enemies to make sure you don’t succeed.
“You have not been inaugurated, see what they are posting that the governor-elect is quarrelling with the outgoing governor. That is to show you where they are coming from and where they are heading. But I know they will fail. You have been in the system.”

Gov Wike commended the Rivers State Chief Judge, Simeon Amadi, and the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Ikuinyi-Owaji Ibani, for the pleasant relationship that existed between the three arms of government throughout his eight years reign.

He stated that if the judiciary and the legislature were antagonist, his administration would not have been able to achieve the remarkable developmental strides recorded in the last eight years.

Gov Wike admonished the governor-elect to cultivate healthy relationship with both the State Assembly and Judiciary. He emphasised that the judiciary and the legislature must never be denied all their statutory entitlements in order to avoid unwarranted friction that will not augur well with the State.