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SGF says Tinubu’s reforms delivering investments, curbing inflation

SGF says Tinubu’s reforms delivering investments, curbing inflation

By Precious Mark

George Akume, the secretary to the government of the Federation, said on Wednesday that President Tinubu’s policies to revamp the economy have recorded great success within his one year in office.

Akume spoke in Abuja during a world press conference to unveil a series of what he called bold initiatives and impacts one year into Tinubu administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda which seeks to propel the nation towards socio-economic prosperity.

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At the press meeting, the SGF highlighted that a key achievement has been the implementation of policies that have successfully attracted foreign investments, curbed inflation, and generated employment opportunities across multiple sectors.

Those policies, according to him, include “the decentralization of the power sector has dismantled monopolistic control, empowering state governments, corporations, and individuals to generate, distribute, and transmit electricity.

“The Presidential accent to the 2023 Electricity Bill, a move that dismantled monopolistic control over electricity generation, transmission and distribution at the national level and granted authority to State Governments, Corporations and individuals to generate, distribute and transmit electricity, thus decentralizing the power sector.

“Accent to the passage into law of the Nigeria Data Protection Bill 2023 that established a legal framework for safeguarding personal information and promoting data protection practices in Nigeria”, he added.

“The challenging but very necessary Removal of Fuel Subsidy, a longstanding policy notorious for fostering corruption, inefficiency and imposing significant fiscal strain on the government annually, and primarily benefitting the affluent and smugglers, rather than effectively aiding the general populace”

He also highlighted that the President’s commitment to enhancing the nation’s infrastructure is also evident in the completion and ongoing execution of numerous projects, notable among which are the extensive road networks, improved rail systems, and the modernization of our ports, which are vital for boosting trade and connectivity.

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He further emphasized that, in line with recognizing the importance of human capital development, the current Administration has made considerable investments in healthcare and education.

“The launch of new healthcare facilities and the upgrade of existing ones, along with reforms in our educational system, underscores Government’s dedication to the well-being and future of our citizens.” he further stated.

Additionally, he stated that the Tinubu Administration has introduced several social intervention programs aimed at alleviating poverty and empowering vulnerable segments of society.

The SGF concluded with a call for collective responsibility in nation-building, urging all Nigerians to unite in pursuit of a stronger and more prosperous country.