• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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ROXETTES Motors to inaugurate CNG, electric vehicle assembly plant in Abia

ROXETTES Motors to inaugurate CNG, electric vehicle assembly plant in Abia

ROXETTES Motors, an indigenous automobile manufacturing firm, has announced plans to commence the assembling of vehicles in Abia State before the end of October 2024.

The construction of its assembly plant at Obu-Aku City, in Ukwa West Local Government Area of Abia State is nearing completion and all the equipment needed to start the 40,000 units of automobiles per annum is expected to arrive Abia State, before the end of August, 2024, Kaycee Orji , chief executive officer of ROXETTES Motors, said.

Orji, who spoke on Friday, during a meeting with Governor Alex Otti, said that the dream, which was hatched a year ago, has now become a reality, due to the encouragement from Otti, who has provided the enabling environment and fulfilling of every promise he made them when they shared their dream of setting up a vehicle assembling plant in Nigeria.

Orji said, ‘I told you of my plans to have an assembly plant and you asked me to bring it to Abia. I am grateful to you, for the peaceful business atmosphere you have created in Abia. Everything you promised us, you have fulfilled’.

‘You promised us land where we would build the assembly plant and in less than a month, you gave us an offer letter and Certificate of Occupancy. I have to inform you now that construction is seriously ongoing at Obu-Aku City. We call it Eco-Drive Green Tech Metropolis, because we have in mind to do a whole lot of things within that space. And, One of the things we are doing already is the construction of the assembly plant’.

‘The assembly plant will see us rolling out about 40,000 units of automobiles per annum and 70 percent of the production, would be mainly innovative products, like electric vehicles and compressed natural gas (CNG) driven vehicles’.

‘The world is migrating to sustainable energy and we don’t want to sit back and watch the world move and Nigeria and Abia State are not doing anything. We considered Abia as the most favourable environment to start, because of the current leadership. So, we are going to start assembling electric vehicles in that space, this year.

“Secondly, we are going to have another production line there, which is a CNG conversion plant. What it means is that we are going to have the capability to convert any vehicle to CNG.

“We are going to have the CNG kits installed there and then the CNG cylinders installed, so that people can run on cheaper and cleaner energy”.

He described Obu-aku City, as a well planned and strategic place to do business with the natural gas lines there as an added advantage for smart companies to do their businesses.

“We have produced our CNG generators in China and they will be leaving China next month, so that we don’t bother or stress the already crowded demands on the national grid since we already have gas lines that pass through that location”.

Orji said that they are going to employ over one thousand Abians, by the time they kick start their operations.

Orji came with a prototype of their vehicle model already assembled abroad for the Governor to see and feel the quality of their products.

Governor Otti welcomed and thanked Kaycee Orji for coming to update him on the level of progress made on the project.

He was delighted to hear the cheering news that the car assembly plant will soon start operation and expressed the hope that they will move from assembling to full production.