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RefinedNG tells the positive story of Nigeria

RefinedNG tells the positive story of Nigeria

Refined Nigeria(RefinedNG), a news and media house duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission is dedicated to telling beautiful stories that promote Nigeria and Nigerians internally and globally.

In 2020, RefinedNG produced an highly inspiring video titled “What unites us” to celebrate Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary. As the Giant of Africa, with over 256 ethnic groups and 300 diverse languages, the video promotes the unity of Nigerians across a range of attributes. The video was launched in October 2020 and continues to run across all the RefinedNG channels.

The significance of the project was to provide Nigerians with an opportunity to reflect on the themes that have united us over the past 60 years. The video succinctly provides unscripted evidence for the themes that unite us, with Nigerians from different demographics speaking to the qualities that unite us despite current challenges.

As Nigerians make remarkable strides in the global sphere across different areas, and talents, RefinedNG is committed to celebrating Nigeria by promoting all the great features of Nigeria across her people, culture, technology, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, entertainment, music, theatre, Arts, government policies and reforms.

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According to RefinedNG, Nigerians have numerous achievements to be proud of as individuals and collectively as a nation. RefinedNG was founded in 2019 with a mission to tell positive Nigerian stories, acknowledge the progress Nigeria is making as a nation and document Nigeria’s achievements. This mission is valid and has been the core of RefinedNG for the past three years.

Also, being the only media platform in Nigeria that publishes only positive news about Nigeria, it is committed to elevating the image of Nigeria through positive portrayals and consistent optimistic stories. Nigerians all over the world unarguably have great and unique talents, no day passes without the citizens of Nigeria proving to be a rare breed of talents, innovation and ingenuity.

In addition, the learning and development segment of RefinedNG publishes industry and market updates, where to acquire useful life skills on the internet, professional courses & certifications, news on scholarships, grants and fellowships programs that Nigerians can participate in.

RefinedNG supports the learning and development of young Nigerians by publishing educational and developmental articles across a wide range of subjects through its learning and development segment. The category continually shares professionally researched topics and insights that elevates the performance of readers across their chosen careers and businesses.