Rainoil launches technology backed franchise model

Rainoil Limited, an independent fuel products distribution company recently launched a campaign to expand visibility, and serve customers better through the franchise model.

According to a public statement issued in respect of the novel franchise model and made available to journalists, the strategy, which can best be described as qualitative aligns with the company’s vision and mission to continually proffer solutions to fill the voids in the energy sector.

With the initiative, other smaller independent fuel marketers can now freely join the Rainoil brand and enjoy some of the strengths that come as a result of affiliating with Rainoil.

The statement reads, “Smaller independent fuel stations that join the Rainoil brand through the franchise model stand to benefit a lot from Rainoil’s offering, top of which is the deployment of Epump automation technology provided by Rainoil’s technology partner Fuelmetrics limited.

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“Fuelmetrics Limited, an automation company in Africa are solution providers who help filling station owners monitor and control their stations; prevent employee theft of product and money as well as win the trust of more customers to patronize the stations.

“The Epump technology from Fuelmetrics offers new franchise stations access to remote monitoring of sales and inventory data, periodic reports on the station performance, data analytics, self-service ability, control over the dispenser pumps for operations such as; price change, and remote shutdown, among other things.

“Other benefits of joining the Rainoil franchise include; access to consistent supply of product, competitive and stable pricing structure, speedy product loading and delivery within 24hours, and access to seamless logistics support (fleet of over 130 trucks nationwide).

“Rainoil remains one of the leading fuel products distribution and marketing companies in the country committed to using technology to better serve her customers, and ensure that customers continue to get value for their money.

Rainoil as a franchisor has lots to offer its franchises, as the company never relents in its quest for growth, recently acquired a Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) facility with a tank capacity of 8000MT and a fleet capacity of about 40 LPG trucks, and its plays a leading role in the economic development of Nigeria with its sterling efforts to ensuring in-country utilization and deepening of gas penetration in the nation.

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