• Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Pure water price hike to N100 looms as producers grapple with soaring costs


The Association of Table Water Producers (ATWAP) has warned of a potential price increase for sachet water (commonly known as “pure water”) due to a surge in production costs.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, the group highlighted the challenges they face, including:

Rising diesel prices: The cost of powering production facilities has increased significantly.
Power outages: Frequent power cuts disrupt production and necessitate reliance on generators, further inflating costs.
Soaring production material costs: The price of nylon, a key material in sachet water production, has tripled in recent months.

ATWAP representatives acknowledged the current price of N50 per sachet but emphasized that it no longer reflects the current economic realities. They expressed their desire to keep the price affordable for consumers but warned that production costs may necessitate raising the price to N100 per sachet.

One representative stated, “The cost of production is high. Last year, we bought nylon for N1,100 per kg. Today, it’s N3,600-N3,700 per kg. The cost of treatment chemicals has also increased significantly. These material costs have tripled in just one week.”

The association highlighted the financial constraints faced by water producers, with many relying on personal funds or loans to operate. They emphasized their reluctance to raise prices but stressed the need for adjustments due to the unsustainable cost environment.

“We understand the burden on ordinary Nigerians, and we don’t want to see them paying more than N20 per sachet,” the representative added. “However, the rising cost of production, including diesel prices, has significantly impacted our operations.”

ATWAP called for understanding from Nigerians while urging the government to address the challenges faced by the industry, potentially through measures to stabilize production costs and improve access to financing.