• Monday, April 22, 2024
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PTI completes modular refinery, targets commercial expansion

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The Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), a subsidiary of the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, proudly announced the successful completion of its modular refinery project, marking a significant step towards expanding its commercial operations.

PTI, situated in Effurun, Delta State, is not only focused on refining but has also undertaken the crucial task of training artisanal refiners in the intricacies of crude oil refining.

CEO of PTI, Adebowale Adimula, shared this news during a press briefing in Abuja, ahead of the 3rd Biennial International Conference on Hydrocarbon Science and Technology scheduled to take place in the Federal Capital Territory.

Adimula explained, “One of the areas that we have been looking at over the past few years is developing technologies in the modular refinery space. We are primarily a training institution, but when you look at the country today and the lack of technology among the artisanal refiners, one of the things we have done is to develop concepts.”

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He further stressed the importance of environmental sustainability, stating, “We also help in training the individuals so that whatever they do will not adversely affect the environment. We at the institute have built up our own. Now what is next is to scale it up and find ways to make it commercial.”

Adimula affirmed that PTI already possesses the necessary infrastructure, including templates, drawings, and fabricated components, making it easier to provide hands-on training to individuals seeking knowledge about various aspects of the refining industry.

He highlighted the urgency of such training, given that many individuals engaging in artisanal refining have limited knowledge and experience, often causing environmental issues.