• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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PressPayNg gives nod to debate program on national radio

PressPayNg gives nod to debate program on national radio

PressPayNg has announced the sponsorship of the popular debate series “I Beg to Differ” on Nigeria Info FM Abuja. This season’s first debate topic, “Does Social Media Impact Mental Health in Teenagers?”, promises thought-provoking discussions and insightful perspectives over 16 sessions.

According to a statement by the organisers, PressPayNg recognises the importance of critical thinking and dialogue on relevant issues. The chosen topic addresses a timely concern in the digital age, where social media’s influence on mental health is a global discussion.

The debate series will feature participants from diverse backgrounds, including students, professionals, and mental health experts. Each session will allow debaters to present arguments backed by research and personal experiences, creating a platform for exploring the relationship between social media and mental well-being.

PressPayNg CEO, Abiola Metilelu, said, “Our sponsorship aligns with our commitment to supporting initiatives that promote intellectual growth and societal well-being. By enabling these discussions, we hope to contribute to a deeper understanding of social media’s impact on mental health and encourage responsible usage and digital literacy.”

Listeners can tune in to Nigeria Info FM Abuja to follow the debates. The 16-round format will ensure a comprehensive exploration of the topic, providing various viewpoints and fostering a balanced perspective.