• Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Pope urges scientists to harmonise faith, science in pursuit for truth

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Pope Francis has urged scientists to harmonise faith and science in their pursuit of truth, just as he emphasised that both stem from God’s absolute truth and should serve humanity better.

He stated this during his address to participants at the second conference of the Vatican Specola, themed, ‘Black Holes, Gravitational Waves and Space-Time Singularities.’

According to the Vatican, the conference was dedicated to Archbishop George Lemaître, the Belgian priest and cosmologist recognised by the International Astronomical Union. Accordingly, it noted that the union has decided that the Hubble law should more properly be called the Hubble-Lemaître law”.

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“The Church is attentive to such research and promotes it, because it shakes the sensitivity and intelligence of the men and women of our time,” the Pope stated in response to debate on scientific research in cosmology.

According to the Vatican, the Pope highlighted that the beginning of the universe, its evolution, and the profound structure of space and time confront human beings with a frantic search for meaning, in a vast scenario where they risk losing themselves.

The Pope noted further that through psalms, amongst other things, it becomes clear that these themes have a particular relevance for theology, philosophy, science and also for the spiritual life.

“An exemplary priest and scientist whose human and spiritual journey represents a model of life from which we can all learn. Science and faith follow two different and parallel paths, between which there is no conflict,” Pope Francis stated in describing Lemaître.

According to Pope Francis, both science and faith have the same matrix in the absolute Truth of God for a believer, and that both paths can harmonise with each other for Christians. He further reiterated that faith and science can be united in charity if science is put at the service of humanity, and not distorted to their detriment or destruction.

“May the freedom and lack of conditioning, which you are experiencing in this conference, help you to progress in your fields towards the truth, which is surely an emanation of the Charity of God.”

However, earlier in his address to university students during the ‘Building Bridges Across Asia Pacific initiative’ organised by Loyola University Chicago together with the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, Pope Francis urged them to stay true to their convictions and faith.

The Pope also discussed mental health, discrimination, stigmas, and identity, and called for bearing witness and carrying on. He further urged the participants to always cooperate with one another and stay united. “Focus on having your own identity.”

He decried all stigmas that belittle human dignity, and noted that women are often considered second class citizens. “The greatness of women must not be forgotten. Women are better than men in terms of their insight and their ability to build communities.”

The Pope called on students to show closeness and love to others, and to never exclude. He also discussed effective education, which according to him requires educating and coordinating human hearts, minds, and hands.

“We must make sure that healthcare is prepared to treat and help all people, without exclusion,” the Pope stated.