• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Pope advocates end to illegal migration across the world

Pope advocates end to illegal migration across the world

Pope Francis has called on the Church to put an end to illegal migration across the world, as he advocates for collaboration between the Church and international organisations on a long-term solution to the challenges associated with migration.

The Pope stated this in his message to bishops from the border regions of Colombia and Costa Rica, along with the bishops of Panama, urging them to “eradicate the indifference” toward migrants and refugees passing through the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia.

The Pope also highlighted the efforts of the Church in Latin America and the Caribbean, which sought to be a Church without borders. “I encourage you to work tirelessly to eradicate this indifference, so that when a migrant brother or sister arrives, they will find in the Church a place where they will not feel judged, but welcomed; where hunger and thirst can be quenched, and hope revived,” the Pope stated.

According to him, every refugee and migrant who leaves his or her homeland challenges Christians on the need to show love. He equally urged pastors and pastoral workers, who are ready to go beyond established practices to be close to migrants.

“Because they are aware that only by walking in the rhythm of God with His holy people will it be possible to cross the barriers of the conventional, leading the Church, together with our migrant brothers and sisters, along the paths of hope.

“We form a Church ready to welcome, protect, promote, and integrate all, without distinction and without leaving anyone out, recognising the right of each one to offer their contribution, through work and personal commitment, for the good of all and the protection of our common home,” Pope Francis stated.

In 2023, over 500,000 migrants were estimated to have crossed the jungle corridor between Colombia and Panama. And, it is estimated that more are expected to make the dangerous journey in 2024.

The bishops from the three countries met in Panama for an encounter entitled ‘Easter with our migrant brothers and sisters,’ focusing especially on the Church’s pastoral outreach to the migrants who attempt to cross the “Darien Gap” that connects Central and South America.