• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Police smash ritual killing gang led by pastor’s son

In a shocking development, the Lagos State Police Command has arrested a syndicate specializing in ritual killings and the desecration of graves. The ten-member gang, led by 33-year-old Ademola Akinlosota, son of a pastor, targeted individuals for sacrifice and exhumed bodies from cemeteries to harvest body parts.

The investigation yielded a particularly surprising suspect: Yusuf Lawal Muse, an 85-year-old traditional ruler from Benin Republic. Muse reportedly confessed to plotting the murder of his own son for ritual purposes. However, the plan was foiled when the hired killers tipped off the victim’s mother.

According to Vanguard, Akinlosota, the ringleader, admitted to initially supplying dried body parts obtained through grave robbing. However, his clients, including Muse, demanded fresh human remains. Akinlosota then lured unsuspecting victims, often under the pretense of offering job opportunities.

Akinlosota described the horrific murders, detailing how victims were either shot or dismembered alive. The body parts were then distributed and sold to various clients, including a traditional medical doctor and an herbalist who used them for concoctions.

The police apprehended a network of individuals who facilitated the killings, including an Ifa priest who performed divination rituals and a “Balogun” (leader) within the Ogboni fraternity who provided a secluded location for the murders.

Both Akinlosota and Muse expressed remorse for their actions. Akinlosota blamed a broken childhood and lack of education for his descent into crime. Muse, fearing dethronement from his position, pleaded for forgiveness.

The Lagos State Police Commissioner commended the Special Squad Team 3 for their meticulous investigation that led to the dismantling of this gruesome ring. The arrests serve as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in society and the importance of vigilance.