• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Plateau Correctional Centre inmates protest inadequate feeding

Plateau prison strike

In a dramatic display of discontent, 1,035 inmates within Jos, command of the Nigeria Correctional Service have taken to protest against what they described as inadequate feeding conditions.

The protest, which erupted Friday morning, has brought attention to the longstanding issue of prisoners’ welfare within Nigeria.

The inmates gathered in the open yards of the Jos facility chanting slogans and demanding better food provisions. The protesters voiced their grievances loudly, attracting the attention of the Correctional authorities in Jos and the public alike.

An officer at the command told BusinessDay in confidence that the inmates said they were tired of being served meager portions of low-quality food.

“It’s barely enough to sustain us, let alone provide adequate nutrition. We are treated like animals, not human beings deserving of dignity and respect”; an officer at the facility told BusinessDay on ground of anonymity what the inmates said.

Reports indicate that the protest remained peaceful, with no incidents of violence reported. However, tensions ran high as authorities scrambled to address the situation and engaged with the protesting inmates to find a resolution.

In response to the protest, the Plateau State Controller of Correctional Service, Raphael Ibinuhi told journalists in his office that the inmates were protesting that the incharge told them that the contractor sort to reduce their rate of eating rice from four to two times a week with any other stuff.

Ibinuhi explained that upon hearing this, they were no longer comfortable and refused to go back to their rooms, throwing stones at the officers.

The controller further explained that he immediately reported the case to the national headquarters and told them what he intended to do which he later ordered that the officers should use minimal force by throwing teargas at the inmates.

“This morning as usual I went to the yard to see what’s going on there and I met a situation on ground. So when I now called the incharge and asked him what was wrong, he explained to me that he gathered the inmates to address them. I asked, to address them on what issue?He said that the contractor who is to feed them for this month of March called and said that the rate things are expensive in the market, they may not be able to cope with their feedings.

“The contractor earlier said the only way he can cope is that since they eat rice four times and beans three times a week, they will reduce their rice consumption to twice a week to be replaced with either garri or any other other food stuff because what they are buying rice before in the market is more than double the price now and they were running into shortage. That was why the protest erupted but the situation is under control now”; the controller said.