• Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Plateau community on standstill as 24 hours curfew enters day three

Despite curfew, killers overrun Plateau community

In the aftermath of a series of unsettling incidents, the Mangu local government area of Plateau state remains ensnared in a state of no movement as the curfew imposed by the state government to curb escalating tensions enters day three.

Recent attacks in Kwahaslalek, Mangu LGA on Tuesday night where more than 30 people were killed, and houses burnt have prompted the state government led by governor Caleb Mutfwang of Plateau state to take stringent measures, leaving residents grappling with the prolonged restrictions.

The imposed curfew is without a clear endpoint, intensifying the atmosphere of uncertainty.

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Governor Mutfwang through his Director of Press and Public Affairs, Gyan Bere cites ongoing security concerns as the primary reason for the curfew, emphasizing the need to safeguard the lives and property of Mangu’s residents.

Local businesses, educational institutions, and public spaces stand deserted, mirroring the community’s collective apprehension.

The absence of daily activities underscores the impact of the curfew on the town’s social and economic fabric.

In response to the situation, security forces have intensified their presence, conducting thorough checks and patrols to ensure compliance with the curfew.

While this has been reassuring for some residents, others express frustration at the lack of detailed information about the attacks and the timeline for easing the restrictions.

In a chat with BusinessDay, a woman who simply gave her name as Afiniki said” The curfew has been on for days, we don’t even know when it will end. This is the situation we have found ourselves in.

“The government should end the attacks because we are suffering here in Mangu and there is no way out yet”; Afiniki said.

BusinessDay observed that community leaders are engaging in discussions with government officials to seek clarity on the criteria for lifting the curfew and to explore potential solutions that balance security concerns with the need for normalcy.

Amidst the challenges, Mangu’s residents remain hopeful for a resolution that ensures their safety while allowing them to regain a semblance of their daily lives.