• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Plateau CJ task investors on measures to enhance conducive business environment


In an attempt to boost Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), the Plateau State Multi Door Courthouse (PMDC) has organised a one-day orientation training for members of the body of neutrals.

The body of neutrals are often impartial third parties, who facilitate negotiations between parties to help them reach settlement of their disputes. Also, they structure the negotiation process to ensure that all parties come to an amicable resolution of issues in disputes.

Speaking Saturday at the event which held at the High Court of Justice conference hall in Jos, the Plateau State capital, the Hon. Chief Judge of the Plateau State High Court of Justice, Justice David Mann, said that investors can take advantage of these dispute resolution mechanisms to enhance a conducive environment for business to thrive.

He explained that the primary objective of the programme is to provide a comprehensive orientation for members of the body of neutrals on the essential roles they play in the ADR spectrum, the application of ADR in the administration of criminal justice, and the importance of continuous learning in the field.

He said the PMDC was established by a law promulgated in 2017, and the council was inaugurated by the then Chief Judge, Hon Justice Yakubu Yandakwa on 31 July, 2019.

He added that the PMDC is an avenue for alternative dispute resolution through mediation, conciliation arbitration and negotiation, and that the advantages of these mechanisms include quick resolution of disputes in a cost effective way.

“My sincere appreciation goes out to the chairman of the council, Hon. Justice Chrysanthus Senlong (rtd) for steering the affairs of the PMDC towards this epoch making event, and the stakeholders also.

“Today marks yet another milestone in the history of justice administration and delivery in Plateau State with the official opening of this one day orientation programme design to refresh the memories of neutrals and other stakeholders.

“I wish to call on the body of neutrals to use their skills, passion and different initiatives to enlarge and create the energy we need to achieve our individual as well as group goals,” he said.

Earlier in his remarks, the PMDC council chairman, Hon. Chrysanthus Senlong, said the refresher course is vital for all the approved neutrals who will be acting as mediators, arbitrators, negotiators, among others, on behalf of the Plateau Multi Door Courthouse.

“This one day refresher course have been organize principally to refresh your memories about the roles of neutrals in the dispensation of disputes at the Multi Door Courthouse.

“You are certainly aware that your role is a very honourable one requiring absolute impartiality and independence. It is because of this that we thought it wise to bring you together and remind you of your responsibilities, first and foremost.

“Secondly, to refresh your memories pertaining to the legislations, particularly the arbitration and mediation act 2023, the Plateau State multi Door Courthouse law 2017 and the Plateau State Multi Door practice directions 2023.

“The Plateau State Multi Door Courthouse was established principally as an alternative dispute resolution center, and this has been in the drawing board for eight years, and we thank God that today it has become a reality.

“I would like to specifically request the neutrals to take their assignments seriously because as you are all aware, the purpose of the alternative dispute resolution center is to bring justice closer to the people, to settle disputes amicably among the people and forge peaceful coexistence among the people,” he said.

He expressed his hope that in the years to come the neutrals will make them proud by living up to their expectations.

Highlights of the orientation programme include technical sessions, presentations and questions and answers.