• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Pertinence celebrates 10th anniversary

In celebrating its 10th anniversary, Pertinence Group, a real estate firm founded in 2012 has reiterated its commitment to a sustainable housing initiative in the Nigerian real estate sector.

“While it is true that some businesses have been around for 50 to 100 years, we are grateful to be 10 because going by popular statistics, about 96 percent of businesses fail before a decade,” Wisdom Ezekiel, partner and co-founder, Pertinence Group, stated during a press conference held on August 1, 2022 at the Pertinence Place, Akowonjo, Lagos in celebration of ten years in the real estate industry.

According to Ezekiel, the company have been able to remain in business through consistency, hard work and productive partnerships that has enabled it to establish business presence in seven states of Nigeria, and some offshore presence in the UAE, USA, Canada and the UK.

Sunday Olorunsheyi, Co-founder, Pertinence Group, stated that the company started with one administrative staff at the company’s former rented office location at Primatek Plaza in Akowonjo, but currently boasts of 120 staff strength and over 16,000 sales affiliates.

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According to him, Pertinence was founded on an enterprise development and people empowerment vision. He stated that the company have lived up to its people empowerment goal by raising over 1,000 once-deprived people to become millionaires in terms of earnings. “I can confidently say that it has been 10 years of impact, consistency, hard work, progress, productive partnerships, and relevance,” Olorunsheyi stated.

Speaking on the company’s feat in the last ten years, Olorunsheyi said, “presently, the real estate firm has 80 estate locations and has sold over 2.1 million square meters of land. Literally, if one puts this total land sales by Pertinence beside the world’s tallest building (the Burj Khalifa which is 185,000 sqms), it would seem like a short building beside Pertinence”.

Speaking further on the future plans of the real estate firm, he said that some of the new targets ahead of the next ten years include: launching a smart mortaage system to reduce housing deficit, building a formidable realtors management system to create more jobs, building smart and sustainable cities, launching a smart land registry system to ease the burdens associated with land registration and perfecting estate management systems like the IRE project to support the development of cities across the country and beyond.

Sequel to that, Pertinence’s business operational base is currently sited on the custom-built corporate head office, which also houses subsidiaries such as: Quanta Africa, Pertinence Properties, RealVest, Edificio, DataFirst, Hostnownow, Jetseed, Cloudnine and Automecho.