• Friday, May 24, 2024
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Peace returns on Plateau as bandits surrender arms

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In a monumental stride towards peace and security, Plateau State has witnessed a historic moment as notorious bandits, who had long been terrorising Wase local government area of the State laid down their arms.

For years, the people of Wase just like other local governments lived in constant fear as the bandits prowled the region, leaving destruction in their wake.

The surrender, orchestrated through the diligent efforts of the State Government, marked a watershed in the battle against lawlessness and violence in the area.

Briefing journalists on Monday in Jos, Gak Shipi, a retired Brigadier General and Commander, Plateau State Operation Rainbow, sued for unwavering commitment to restoring peace.

Shipi, who is also the Special Adviser to Governor on Security Matters, said the Government remains steadfast in its belief that dialogue and rehabilitation are essential components of sustainable peacebuilding.

He asserted that the State Government would ontinue to offer support and assistance to those who choose to renounce violence, adding that the state government aims to break the cycle of conflict and foster a culture of reconciliation and coexistence.

He added that with the support of community leaders, security agencies, and other stakeholders, the government is poised to welcome more repentant bandits into the fold and provide them with the necessary resources to rebuild their lives.

The Commander who did not disclose the number of bandits who surrendered their arms, however, presented to Journalists Seven AK-47 and ammunition as arms that were turned in.

With each surrendered weapon and each rehabilitated individual, the path to lasting peace becomes clearer, reaffirming Plateau State’s unwavering commitment to building a society free from the scourge of violence and conflict.