• Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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PDP should reposition self to guard against Nigeria being turned into one-party state – Essien

PDP should reposition self to guard against Nigeria being turned into one-party state – Essien

Ndueso Essien, former minister and federal lawmaker, has advised the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to strategise in readiness to challenge the All Progressive Congress (APC) and to prevent the country being turned into a one-party state

Essien also observed that with the recent turn of events in the country, there was a possibility that Nigeria could become a one-party state, a situation which he said was not ideal for the country considering its diversity in population and culture.

He advised the party to come up with new philosophy and policies, adding that it should not underestimate the likelihood of new parties taking over power in the future

“Now, many people who were disgruntled with the ruling party and the failed opposition party are willing to join the third force and that could pose a danger to the other two parties,” he added.

The PDP stalwart also pleaded with Akwa Ibom people to allow Governor Umo Eno settle down, concentrate on delivering his mandate to the people rather than focusing on second tenure, stating that a second term is earned based on performance.

Essien also said that even the governor himself believes when he performs well, he will be reconsidered for second tenure and that is why he has continued to work tirelessly to deliver goodwill to the people of Akwa Ibom.

“Let me repeat myself here, I have never been a fan of every person in an office doing eight years after one year in office. I believe that eight years should be earned as a result of performance in four years of office.

“You can’t automatically earn eight years when you haven’t done well in four years.

“Umo Eno’s second term campaign is a little too early. People should allow him to concentrate and work. Let him be accessed at a stage and then propelled into second term,” he said.

He criticised the alleged corruption and mismanagement of resources by political leaders, stating that it has led to the economic challenges the country is going through at the moment.

Speaking during an interview with journalists, the former Minister of Lands and Housing frowned at a situation where people who were above 70 years of age were still in power.

“At 70, your mental capacity and physical stamina have dwindled to a point that you should be on the sideline to advise and not to be the focal point of governance.

“Now is computer age where younger ones predominate and so, for an old person to want to continue to lead after 70 is unacceptable and intolerable,” he said.

According to him, “We are having problems with these government that are headed by old people and I still say that the older ones after 70 should not want to provide active and effective leadership.

“A younger person who is full of life should be allowed to take over while the older ones play advisory roles.”

He further argued that when political positions are compensatory, much shouldn’t be expected from such leadership because there will be lack of zeal.