• Monday, June 17, 2024
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PCN seals 501 medicine shops, arrests two over quackery in Plateau

PCN seals 501 medicine shops, arrests two over quackery in Plateau

The Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN) has unleashed a swift crackdown on Jos-Bukuru metropolis, resulting in the arrest of two individuals and the closure of 501 medicine shops over quackery and unprofessional pharmaceutical practice.

The offences exposed a catalogue of egregious violations, spanning from illicit sales of drugs and clinical consumables in open markets as well as unauthorised clinical operations.

Stephen Esumobi, the Director of Enforcement at PCN, expressed deep concern over the careless storage of medicines in unsuitable locations like residential homes and clothing stores.

He underscored the crucial mission of ensuring the rational distribution of safe, effective, and high-quality medicines throughout Nigeria’s healthcare landscape.

Esumobi said, “The integrity and potency of medicines must be preserved as they traverse the supply chain—from manufacturers to end users—for optimal therapeutic impact.”

He added, “During the recent intensive operation spanning May 13th to 16th, 2024, PCN’s enforcement squad descended upon 701 establishments in the area, including pharmacies, patent medicine shops, and illicit outlets.

“Shockingly, a total of 501 premises faced swift closure for a litany of violations, including selling drugs in unauthorized hubs, operating without proper registration, and dispensing controlled substances without proper oversight.”

In a resounding message to offenders, Esumobi declared, “We will fortify our regional arms to bolster our regulatory oversight, safeguarding Nigerians’ access to safe, effective, and premium-quality medications across all corners of the country.”

This decisive action by PCN serves as a stern warning to all medical practitioners and vendors flouting the law, reaffirming the Council’s unwavering commitment to upholding pharmaceutical standards and ensuring public health safety.