• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Owoyele receives United Nations’ POLAC recognition as international peace advocate


Ademolu Owoyele, managing director and chief executive officer at Harley and Rainbow Specialised Laboratories and Diagnostics, has been recognised by the United Nations Positive Livelihood and Awards Centre (UN POLAC Foundation) as an International Peace Advocate.

The International Peace Advocate award to be conferred on Owoyele by UN POLAC Foundation following his peace-making, conflict resolution, and other activities he has championed that encourages peace, and positive living in line with best international practices.

Ademolu Owoyele, an accomplished Business and Healthcare Development professional with a strong background of the service and healthcare industry, is a medical graduate with post-graduate training and certification in Health, Safety and Environmental Management and Health Resources Management from the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria.

According to the Letter of Award signed by the director-general, UN-POLAC, Prof. Halo Eton, “United Nations POLAC Foundation was established as an international autonomous institution following the UN General Assembly with its aim and objective to select high profile individuals across the six geopolitical regions in Nigeria as volunteers to propagate peace building in Nigeria and assist in the implementation of UNDP programmes initiatives.”

UN-POLAC’s mandate is to enhance the effectiveness of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) now Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and UNESCO Culture of Peace Programme particularly the maintenance of peace and security and the restoration of human dignity.

He holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Bradford School of Management, United Kingdom, and a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis, Canada. His experience has spanned virtually all sectors of healthcare system from Clinical Practice, Managed Care, Pharmaceuticals, Medical laboratory & Diagnostics, Business & Healthcare Consulting to Hospital set-up & Management.

Owoyele constantly gives back to the community through various initiatives and partnerships which has earned him numerous awards within and outside the healthcare industry. He continuously strives for excellence in service delivery and human capital development.