• Friday, June 21, 2024
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Over 50% of professionals leaving Nigeria set conditions to cancel plans

Over 50% of professionals leaving Nigeria set conditions to cancel plans

Over 50 percent of Nigerian professionals who are considering leaving their current jobs and moving abroad said they would consider cancelling their migration plans if Nigeria met specific conditions.

These conditions, according to a recent survey by Phillips Consulting, include a peaceful environment, better economic conditions, access to competitive and fairly paid job opportunities, and effective leadership.

This was contained in a Talent Management Report, “A New World Order: Shifting Paradigms in Addressing the Brain Drain,” presented during the quarterly meeting of the Nigerian Human Resources Directors Network, in Lagos recently, according to a statement.

The report indicated that over half (52%) of Nigerian professionals are considering leaving their current jobs and moving abroad within a year.

The report further said that finance & insurance, professional services, education, healthcare, and IT will be the hardest-hit professions as nearly 50 percent of employees in these fields are considering leaving.

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On top destinations and migration reasons for employees, the report according to the statement, said employees are resigning or migrating for a mix of issues, some of which are within an organisation’s direct control, while others are not. “The findings reveal that Nigerian professionals looking to migrate prefer Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States as their top three destinations”.

The reasons for planning to migrate vary, with respondents citing factors such as seeking better-paid jobs, less toxic work cultures, a desire to work from home, and concerns about the country’s economy and insecurity.

According to Phillips Consulting, 88 percent of individuals who plan to quit their jobs within a year are millennials and Gen Z. “This demographic shift could lead to a significant loss of skilled workers, which may negatively affect critical industries and the economy. Moreover, this demographic includes young professionals with valuable skills and extensive education, making them highly desirable in the global job market”.

The Phillips Consulting survey report also advised businesses to review their employee value proposition and talent management strategy to succeed in today’s constantly evolving talent management landscape.