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Healthy lifestyle, sustainability top agenda at Lagos Transport Festival

Organisers push for healthy lifestyle at Lagos Transport Festival

Stakeholders in the non-motorised transport sub-sector will be gathering in Lagos for the Transport Festival from September, 20-23, 2023 to step up awareness on the need for more sustainable modes of transportation in Lagos and other major cities.

The festival is being organised by the Let’s Get Moving Campaign, a non-governmental advocacy group in Lagos, in conjunction with Cycology Group, Urban Better, FT Psycho Care and Simba Planet.

The organisers started awareness creation on promotion of non-motorized transportation modes in Lagos with the celebration of the World Bicycle Day in 2021.

Non-motorised transportation is non-engine-powered and devoid of carbon emissions. They are inclusive, safe, efficient, diverse, cost effective, accessible and comfortable.

The festival is designed to advocate for a sustainable transport system that limits carbon emissions and supports a vibrant economy, improves the quality of life of the people and spreads societal benefits to all.

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At a pre-festival briefing held recently in Lagos, a panel of discussion brainstormed on the need for promoting climate change for sustainable standards devoid of carbon dioxide emission, which cause diseases like cancer.

The panelists stressed the importance of cycling to reduce health problems like diabetes, obesity, and transport congestion as well as reducing the cost of maintaining cars.

The panel urged the government to initiate sustainable policies and legal frameworks that would protect the lives of bicycle uses against accidents.

Temitope George, captain of Cycology Cycling Group, a cyclist training company in Lagos, stressed the need to increase awareness for the public to embrace non-motorised transport. She pointed out that recent campaigns have increased the public acceptance of bicycles, especially since the government removed the fuel subsidy. George observed that road-users associate bicycle riders with poverty, but are ignorant that bicycles are environmentally friendly.

She said her organisation has registered 50 active cyclists in Lagos State as it creates global awareness using bicycles to promote a healthy lifestyle.

George enumerated that non-motorised transport promotes good environmental health, boosts physical health through walking, enhances mobility to all regardless of age and reduces traffic congestion.

Chris Nze, representative of Simbat Planet, a bicycle sales company in Lagos, stressed the importance of non-motorised transport to promote a healthy lifestyle. He noted that the festival is a good initiative.

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Nze said his organisation supplies bicycles to for both the adult and children with offices spread across the major geo-political zones of the country.

He said that with the 200 million population of Nigeria, the country offers a good opportunity for bicycle businesses to thrive to provide a healthy lifestyle for the people. Simba Planet is a business partner with the initiative.