• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Optiva Capital targets $5bn diaspora investment

Optiva Capital targets $5bn diaspora investment

… launches diaspora investor-direct investment

An investment immigration wealth management company, Optiva Capital Partners Limited, has said it was targeting about $5billion diaspora to channel into productive investments that would yield good returns.

“Nigeria diaspora funds is ranked amongst the top five globally, estimated at $100b per annum, and “our target is to use the Optiva Capital structure, infrastructure, and wealth management skills to get 5 percent channelled into productive investments that will yield good returns at home for Nigerians in the diaspora,” Franklin Nechi, chairman of Optiva Capital Partners, said.

Nechi, who also announced the launch of a new product tagged Diaspora Investor Direct Investment (DIDI), said it is “Our unique product to attract diaspora funds and investments into the country. The objective is to stand in the gap for Nigerians in the diaspora who seek to remit funds home for investment purposes because most of them are afraid of losing their funds to unscrupulous persons or agents, so we bridge that gap.”

The chairman spoke at a media event for senior editors.

On the modalities for implementation, Nechi explained that first, you have to get Nigerians who “seek to build homes to send their money so that we help them bridge the gap of trust and dishonest third parties. We help the diasporans to create an enabling environment that will ensure that they track the progress of their sundry investments. With DIDI we shall help investors manage the risks associated with repatriation of funds back to the country for sundry investments ranging from property development, farms, to cottage factories.”

Nechi said the company has created structures that will help Nigerians in the diaspora to manage businesses back home end to end, including setting up farms, and that for each project or investment that every diasporan wishes to make, Optiva Capital Partners shall help in the land acquisition, proper registration of titles, and eventual setting up of the business.

According to him, Optiva Capital offers an opportunity for the safety of funds and investments, and as such the Diaspora Investor Direct Investment (DIDI) is intended to bring into the country about $5 billion in investments.

On the delivery of DIDI and its other services and products, Nechi emphasised that the company’s primary objective was effective service delivery through its bespoke end-to-end service delivery by taking ownership of every relationship as it works hard to provide premium investment immigration and investment services to its discerning clientele.

He also announced that in the just-ended year, consistent with its goal to extend its range of services across the nation, the company signed a national partnership agreement with Polaris Bank Limited, a diversified national bank.

He also explained that the partnership established a formal relationship between Optiva Capital Partners and Polaris Bank Limited.

With the partnership, the firm has agreed to collaborate with Polaris Bank to be the provider of Investment immigration, Wealth Management/ Investment Advisory and insurance products to Polaris Bank’s Ultra High Net-worth Individuals.