• Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Optiva Capital restates commitment to support Nigerians get access to global investment opportunities

Optiva Capital restates commitment to support Nigerians get access to global investment opportunities

Optiva Capital Partners has restated its commitment to facilitate access to global investment opportunities for discerning high-net-worth individuals (HNIs).

The leading investment immigration wealth management firm disclosed this to BusinessDay.

At an interactive session with the media, Jane Kimemia, managing director/CEO of Optiva Capital Partners, said that there was currently an increased incentive for investment immigration, second passport, second citizenship or permanent residency, for investment savvy Nigerians who recognise that these provide global access to boundless opportunities.

According to her, “Our clients are established Nigerians, they are in business, they are executives, so they are very comfortable, but they are looking for global access and acceptance.”

Kimemia further said that Nigerians being the most global of Africans seek global opportunities to meet the need for their children’s education, healthcare, access to more economies and markets to expand their trade and business.

“At Optiva Capital Partners, we are helping our clients to save on what they would have been spending anyway,” she said.

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She explained that through second citizenship, Optiva Capital assists discerning Nigerians to save scarce foreign exchange because they pay a fraction of what non-citizens pay for education, healthcare, property, amongst other social benefits,” she said.

With a second citizenship through Citizenship By Immigration (CBI) or other investments in government designated programmes in exchange for permanent residency, for citizenship and global access, Kimemia emphasised that these not only give recipients global access, but “they are also investments and savings.”

Kimemia further explained why Optiva Capital Partners investment immigration services are targeted at High Networth Individuals (HNIs).

According to her, when it comes to the cost of CBI or permanent residency, the value being sought by clients include their wards’ education thereby making investment immigration a vehicle for clients to protect, to grow, to enhance, to diversify their wealth.

According to her, for someone looking for permanent residency or to invest in a programme in Canada, their children’s education in a top flight University will cost six thousand US Dollars per annum for a Bachelor’s degree programme as against an international student who will pay about sixty thousand US Dollars annually. She enthused that at Optiva Capital, “we are helping our clients to save on what they would have been spending anyway, so we are saving them the scarce foreign exchange that comes back in developing Nigeria. So we are looking at value, costs, and value across generations as well.”

In order to provide the premium investment immigration services their HNI clientele deserve, Optiva Capital Partners CEO, Jane Kimemia, informed the select Business Editors that the company has made conscious decisions to be “where our clients are, and to meet our clients at homes and where they do business, and their offices.” Optiva Capital currently has seventeen branches across the country in Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Warri, Kano, Abuja, and Onitsha

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According to her, “Wherever you go across key markets, you find Optiva Capital Partners. We have a strong extensive distribution and we have invested in our branches and lounges because we do recognise that our clients are high-net-worth individuals and we take into consideration how we take care of our clients in all our branches.”

Additionally, Optiva Capital’s expanding points of sale aligns with its strategy to extend its edge in investment immigration through an operational process which Kimemia described as being “detailed on documentation and full disclosure.”

She emphasised that “one of the things we do very well at Optiva Capital Partners is the ability to handle that process, right from origination. We have fully developed our process, a fully dedicated process centre, which has access to 50 to 60 people at once, and we have a team that can help us talk to clients in a very holistic way.”

Some of Optiva Capital’s investment immigration opportunities it assists Nigerians to be part of include the USA EB, Residency by Investment, which not only accelerates wealth creation but also open doors to a promising future, offering the opportunity to become a green card holder; citizenship by investment programs for which acquiring a passport from any of the countries on their menu provides visa-free access to more than 143 countries, all without the need to meet any residency criteria before obtaining them. For Greece, for instance, obtaining a luxury apartment, is a gateway to obtaining the Greece golden visa which is not just an investment immigration scheme, it is also a way to diversify wealth. For Canada, a Nigerian can become a global business person by investing in Canada Federal Start-up program, migrate to Canada with a 3-year open work permit, while the person’s permanent residency is prioritised as an investor.

Today, Optiva Capital Partners prides itself as the largest provider of investments immigration services not only in Nigeria but across Africa, and also the largest employer of labour in the investment immigration subsector with 17 branches distributed across Nigeria and over one thousand full-time employees. In partnership with its reputable international affiliates the company has helped many families with their immigration and global access needs over the years and “has always done this with utmost diligence and professionalism.”

With considerable pedigree in the delivery of wealth management offerings, Optiva Capital easily stands out in investment immigration, providing professional immigration services for individuals seeking to obtain alternative citizenship or residency in any of the countries that it serves, which are numerous. In addition, the company provides investment advisory, and wealth management services.